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How to Sew a Faux-Fur Boa

Photo: Sloan Howard

Sewing fur is so easy even a caveman can do it. Learn how in this article from Quick Stuff to Sew, Vol. 5. Fur has improved over the millennia to the point that there isn't even any hide tanning, just go to the fabric store and buy your favorite animal look-alike. You can sew a luxurious boa in an evening. 

*No animals were harmed in the making of this article. 


Comments (3)

samcross samcross writes: Nice
Posted: 4:31 am on January 21st

user-3541160 user-3541160 writes: I would like to make this boa but I have a question. I don't see how to turn the tube right side out. Usually instructions say to leave a seam not quite complete, turn the tube and hand sew opening closed. Is this what is intended? Ordinarily I would just do that but I am not so sure with faux fur..
Posted: 10:23 am on December 5th

shaunpollock shaunpollock writes: fantastic stuff
Posted: 5:02 am on March 4th

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