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How to Sew a Scarf Necklace

Photo: Sloan Howard

Create a fashionable necklace with a combination of fabric and chains. Get the best of both worlds with this accessory and jewelry combo. Although similar designer scarf necklaces sell for hundreds of dollars, Annie O'Connor demonstrates how quick it is to make one (less than an hour) in this article from Quick Stuff to Sew, Vol. 5.

Create a simple pattern, sew the scarf with one seam, add a snap closure, and finish it with chain embellishments to give it the necklace look. Only 1/2 yard of fabric is used, so splurge on something fabulous. And since it is so quick to put together, you can make one for every outfit and one for every friend.

Comments (5)

Ashtonjames Ashtonjames writes: i must try this.
Posted: 12:54 pm on January 27th

kavintinker kavintinker writes: Nice Post
Posted: 2:08 am on September 27th

Ashtonjames Ashtonjames writes: wow scarf looks really stylish
Posted: 10:42 am on May 12th

ParrlaSonders ParrlaSonders writes: Great technique truly different!
Posted: 3:51 am on January 30th

shaunpollock shaunpollock writes: i loved the way you made the scarf
Posted: 5:04 am on March 4th

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