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How to Sew a Sleeveless Scarf Top

Photo: Sloan Howard

It's fun to sew with scarves because the fabrics, colors, and patterns are gorgeous. 

Another advantage: scarves are already finished at the edges! Here's a fast way to turn two chiffon scarves into a sleeveless top with a bubble-look hem. 

This top is a forgiving one-size-fits-most. The suggested scarf size yields a top that's about 20 inches from neck to waist and 83 inches in circumference. It's more or less sheer, depending on the selected scarves, but you can wear it over a shell or other shirt. 

The finished top is two layers and reversible (inside and out as well as front to back). A drawstring is used to create the ruffled neckline effect, so you can adjust the neck diameter for different looks.

Sarah McFarland shows you how to shape chiffon with a drawstring neckline in this project from Quick Stuff to Sew, Vol. 5

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