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Project Runway All Stars: "Good Taste Tastes Good"

Michael wins for the second week in a row.
April is sent home with her blueberry inspired cocktail dress.
Kara is nearly a goner with this layered look.
Michael wins for the second week in a row.

Michael wins for the second week in a row.

Photo: Lifetime Television

This week, the designers have only six hours to create a garment worthy of Diane Von Furstenberg. Each design must be inspired by a specific gelato flavor. After all of the color swatches are chosen, the designers get down to business. With time so short, mini Mood must come to them, and with only five hours remaining the workroom comes to life with panicked sewers. 

Many of the silouhettes this week are very simple because of the time constraints, and most of the designers (including Austin) have to admit they are using the glue gun to save time. 

Michael was definitely star struck by guest judges Diane Von Furstenberg and model Miranda Kerr, especially when he is named the winner for a second week. It was down to April and Kara in the end. They thought Kara's look screamed maternity, but in the end it was April heading home.

What did you think about the garments for this challenge?

Anthony: Green Tea (bottom)


April: Blueberry (bottom)

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Comments (13)

thomy thomy writes: I liked Kara's concept. It would have worked much better if she had lengthened the layers and used a very light fabric ie chiffon. It would have "floated" and much more clearly conveyed the impression of "gelato" a light pleasant cool treat. The layers connoted "layers" of flavor, so I get the idea. Aprils dress did not invoke a blueberry gelato concept and it suffered in the construction department. It could have been a very nice, but not runway winner contender garment even if she had been able to overcome the construction problems. Oh, Michael's dress, I agree with one of the other commenters that it resembled an overdone nightgown/dressing gown. Not that remarkable. I feel the judges responded to the impact it's volume conveyed.
Posted: 7:57 pm on February 1st

Arlene_Anne Arlene_Anne writes: I'm not liking the time constraints this season. It doesn't give the designers a chance to do their best work. I was often truly amazed at the designers' inspiration and construction in the earlier seasons when the day didn't end until midnight.
Posted: 3:44 pm on February 1st

Kukana Kukana writes: OK, so Michael wins with yet another over-designed nightgown. I'm not impressed at all - we all know he can drape a caftan - I can drape a caftan. I loved the styling on Anthony's top although the back was weird) but the color and folds were perfect. I also liked Austin's dress. Simple, elegant, understated, but with style. Rami's was interesting, but a little too much. I agree with everyone that Kara should have been the one to go - April's dress was at least interesting, how great can you really sew something in 6 hours????? And they are working with specialty fabric...I think they are a bit too tough on them given the severe constraints. I am proud of all of them for getting out there. And yes, Kenley's stuff is predictable, but this last dress was really cute! I'd wear it in a heartbeat if I had the body.
Posted: 5:42 pm on January 31st

Mamato8 Mamato8 writes: Michael's looks like Diane's style.

I like Kara's concept. It looks like a layered mouse. I do like longer dresses and more coverage though... I'm a bit old fashioned.
Posted: 5:24 pm on January 31st

beadembroiderer beadembroiderer writes: I don't know how to feel about the particular contest. I am very under-impressed with the work so far. Seems like Michael is doing well, and if you remember how he started out in the initial Runway, where is was maligned and picked on, he is actually just speaking with his talent. I like that. Why are we not rid of Kara by now???
Posted: 5:07 pm on January 31st

terricita terricita writes: Absolutely LOVED Michael's caftan dress. He totally deserved to win this one. Thought the color was beautiful and I even liked the way he styled it with the white necklace. The simplicity pattern company puts out a project runway line of patterns and I hope Michael sells this design to them for that because I would totally buy it.
My second favorite was Anthony's. I like the shape and I thought the color was beautiful and it did remind me of green tea.
The others were all kind of meh. Jarrell needs to get his head out of the drum circle and stop with the hippy dippy crap. And I don't know how many more of Kenly's Minnie Mouse appropriate stuff I can take.
And I disagree with most people here about April and Kara's looks. Kara's was better this week, even if she is irritating. This competition loses integrity when they send someone home because they want to save someone else they just like better. It should go according to the merit of what they did that week. And BTW, April is irritating too.
Posted: 4:41 pm on January 31st

idosew idosew writes: All are way to far over the top. You would be a joke if you went out of your door in them!
Posted: 4:18 pm on January 31st

yousewsmart yousewsmart writes: EEEEKKKK If I saw ANY of these things walking toward me I would initiate Project RunAWAY...they're all so hideous.
Posted: 3:49 pm on January 31st

maddie964 maddie964 writes: I have to admit, I haven't been up to date on this show but when I opened the Threads website and saw Michael's caftan, I was stunned. I loved the color and how diaphanous it was. I'm happy he won :)
Posted: 8:10 am on January 30th

iris68 iris68 writes: Hate seeing Michael win again!
Mondo, please, step up!
Kara should have been sent home! Period!
April is not quite mentally there, she is very young and insecure.
Posted: 6:33 pm on January 29th

Soli Soli writes: I had thought that Mondo and Michael were the most talented in their season, but here when they're competing with some of the best from other seasons (Rami and Austin), you can see where Mondo is good, but he might not be couture. Personally I loved Michael's caftan, although I agree with the Marchesa lady that a different fabric might have been better. I also believe that Kara should have been sent home. Every one of her creations have been horrid and this was the worst. She's starting to get on my nerves with her exclamations. Yes, she's passionate, but no she's not talented. I thought Kenley's dress was a yawn, another variation on the same theme. I don't know why she's talking about her "clients" when I saw in the press that she's not even designing anymore - she's singing in a band. At least she's learned humility, probably after reading the bad reactions to her bad behavior on various bulletin boards. Didn't care for Anthony's dress at all - isn't that what the usual suspects refer to as "overworked" or "student work?"
Posted: 1:39 am on January 28th

Stitchy Stitchy writes: Mondo has to kick some butt in the next few weeks. I can't stand watching him lose.
I wanted Kara to get sent home her dress looked like vomit over cayenne and chocolate gelato. The fit was not flattering and the edges were nasty.
I am not a Micheal fan, his phony reactions and that awful belted bed sheet.

I do prefer 24 hour cat walk, the sewers are the show not the designers.
Posted: 9:38 pm on January 27th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: Wow
talk about a shocker! I thought for sure kara would be eliminated. I realize that the construction on Aprils dress was very poor, but some of her other work was quite good, ALL of Kara's stuff has been just terrible IMO.
I said in the first episode that I don't believe any of the women would make it to the final 3 but I did think April was the strongest of the women, now she's gone.
I'm so sick of Kenleys super predictable dresses and what Mila puts out is a snooze IMO. She was clearly taken with her dress last night as were the judges, I thougt it looked like that cow fabric they were trying to push off on everyone in the eightys. How Mila thinks that stuff she puts out is fashion forward and young, I don't know.
I'm happy to see Michael getting the recognition he deserved the first time around and I am waiting for Mondo to break out any week now. Not impressed with Austins stuff and I'm beginning to think he wont make it to the final three, if he does, it will be because his name will get him there, not his talent.

Posted: 12:23 pm on January 27th

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