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All in the details

I love plackets. They're just the darnest thing, aren't they (in my midwestern accent)? I bought a henley t-shirt from J.Crew two years ago that Sunday after Sunday since I bought it, I find myself wearing the tee with my coziest boyfriend jeans. And I think it's because of the placket. Like a collar, a placket frames the face and is the perfect combination of simple and clean preppiness. And this one has ruffles (another one of my favorite details) sewn into it.

In technical terms, plackets are bands sewn at a neckline, sleeves, or legs (they can be sewn other places too) that act both as a finishing and as an opening. Plackets can be separate pieces or an extension of the pattern. Whatever their technical definition, plackets aren't the easiest thing to sew; they're actually pretty difficult (I've spent hours trying to figure the construction of a hidden placket on a jacket). Their difficulty lies in its process – there are many steps involved – many stay stitches, sharp corners, and tight sewing. My advice to any sewer about to tackle a placket – plan the construction. Make a quick mock-up out of paper or fabric, whichever you like best. And the mock-ups can be 1/2 size. Even though plackets are a small details, any deviations in sewing are very noticeable.

In the images, I show you how the placket on my lovely J.Crew henley is constructed. Take a second peek if you don't understand it at first. It's not difficult, I promise. It just has a lot of layers to it.

For more construction, pattern, fashion, and all things design stuff, please check out my website, I promise it's very cool :) 

Pattern or design used: My own design - Placket

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