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Sham's Tablecloth Skirt

This is now becoming the famed Tablecloth skirt from the blog of Shams, of "Communing with Fabric." She has generously shared the design and even has a gallery of skirts made with this pattern of hers.


This design is soooo easy. It consists of a square with a circle cut out in the center for the waist. It must be cut to go over the hips. It later gets an elastic treatment. Then four rectangles are cut and attached to each side of the square. There edges are then sewn together forming the points. If you google Sham's blog you will see in the upper left the gallery link. On it you will find the directions for making this skirt.


This skirt goes together very quickly and gives a lot of fashion bang for your effort. Various fabrics are shown being used in this design so the choice is yours. I used a stripe poly suiting, nothing very fancy.


I have worn this skirt A LOT since I made it. I plan to make more in linen for the summer.

Pattern or design used: Not specified

Comments (5)

jorgepalmer7 jorgepalmer7 writes: You are Awesome
Posted: 3:46 am on March 2nd

benjamin_brown benjamin_brown writes: Creative work
Posted: 1:00 am on February 23rd

sewinghands sewinghands writes: Love this skirt. I think I want to make one been wanting to make something like this for a long time. For spring. Thanks for sharing and happy sewing.
Posted: 10:51 am on May 1st

maddie964 maddie964 writes: This is lovely! Isn't it amazing how simple pattern pieces can be yet the garment looks so complicated. Thanks for sharing and you look fabulous!

Sincerely ALWAYS,
Posted: 12:41 pm on February 13th

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: It amazes me how the pattern can be described, not drawn, and yet the finished product could be duplicated. There is genius in simplicity.
Posted: 8:31 am on February 10th

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