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The Techniques Behind Armani Jackets

Photo: Jack Deutsch

Just as contemporary chefs are lightening up classic recipes, modern couture's most celebrated tailor, Giorgio Armani, is continually reinventing the traditional techniques of his craft. Marcy Tilton has closely examined Armani jackets over the years, and has discovered many techniques that home sewers can adapt. But virtually all of her favorite Armani-inspired construction techniques can be applied to any jacket pattern you think worthy of a technical upgrade. 

Marcy describes interfacing approaches for the entire jacket and then goes layer by layer through an Armani shoulder and sleeve structure. Combined with your usual techniques in the rest of the jacket, these methods represent a good starting place for any modern tailoring project. Feel free to borrow, adapt, and rethink them in the best tradition of Armani and his countless imitators. And, be sure to take any opportunity that presents itself to examine and appreciate a real Armani garment. 

From Threads #83


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