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Threads Fitting Series: Arms

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Learn the secrets of fitting a sleeve. In this video, the experts at Threads magazine show you precisely how to fit the sleeves of your garment, while preventing unsightly gaps and pulls. Watch step-by-step instructions to make sure that your sleeves fit your arms and connect properly to the bodice of the garment.

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Episodes in this Series

Fitting Arms

Former Threads editor-in-chief Amber Eden and Kenneth D. King introduce the Threads Fitting Series: Arms.

Anatomy of the Arm

Judith Neukam explains the anatomy of the arm and sleeve.

Adjusting the Sleeve Length

Learn to lengthen or shorten a sleeve.

Adjusting the Sleeve Circumference

Judith Neukam demonstrates three methods for correcting a sleeve that is too tight.

Refining the Sleeve Cap

Learn how to fit a sleeve cap perfectly to finish your sleeve.