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Threads Fitting Series: Bust

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Drape and shape for a fit that flatters every body type. In this video, the experts at Threads magazine provide a complete guide to properly fitting and adjusting the bust area to create garments with a beautiful, flattering shape. We'll demonstrate all the subtle fitting methods the professionals use, in step-by-step detail.

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Episodes in this Series

Fitting a Bust

Kenneth D. King explains how to get a perfect fit.

Basics of Fitting the Bust

Learn how bust measurements will determine fit.

Adjusting the Bodice Front

Make pattern adjustments for both length and width to get the perfect fit.

Moving Darts to Improve the Fit

Adjust your pattern to reposition a dart to a more flattering and comfortable position.

Working with Princess Seams

Learn how adjusting a princess seam can make all the difference.

Quick Fixes for Bust Fitting

Restyle your pattern for a quick fix.