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Project Runway All Stars: "Fashion Face Off"

Rami is sent home with this nightmare color combination.
The judges loved Austins pants, but that was all.
Jerell wins this week with this winter look.
Rami is sent home with this nightmare color combination.

Rami is sent home with this nightmare color combination.

Photo: Lifetime Television

This week, the designers must go head-to-head to create sportswear for the ultimate weekend getaway. The remaining eight designers are paired up by season to face off against each other. Each pair (summer, winter, autumn, and spring) will leave one designer in the bottom four, and the other in the top.  

After some fighting about stolen ideas (Michael and Jerell), and a tearful runway show (mostly Mondo), Rami is heading home, and Jerell is named the winner. Do you think Michael was trying to copy Jerell's work? Do you think the judges were right to send Rami home?

Austin: Spring (bottom)


Kara: Spring (top)


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Comments (3)

AgsEliza AgsEliza writes: @berriestreasures, Michael isn't gone but I wish he was! I not only agree with you on his cry-baby antics but he also seems insincere and overly dramatic to get attention. His presence in really starting to annoy me. And I was surprised by Austin's design this week. He's put out some really nice stuff up til now. I guess you can't be great every week...I can't imagine the stress and pressure of being on this show. And even though Kenly's designs "look" nice, I think that her construction and sewing skills out-weigh her designing abilities. All her stuff looks too similar. Even though Mondo's style is evident in all his designs, he is the most consistently creative. I hope Mondo and Jerell are both in the finals and Michael gets voted off this next show.
Posted: 11:35 pm on February 14th

berriestreasures berriestreasures writes: I am glad Michael is gone (such a cry baby) and Rami was getting lazy and wanted to go home anyway. He does great work but sometimes he gets lazy and that wont work in the world of fashion. Mondo is an excellent tailor! I love his work. This last episode I was disappointed. He sometimes feel he can get away with doing mid-level work when he relies on his family (tears) to get him to win a challenge.
Posted: 9:04 pm on February 14th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: Certainly couldn't have predicted this one! The girls all won and I have to agree with that choice, didn't think I'd ever be saying that.
I have to hand it to Kenley, she is innovative, she is the only one who can make a romper that looks just like all her dresses only with shorts and not a skirt. One thing, as long as Kenley is around, Minnie mouse and Daisy duck will never run short of things to wear.
You know, I never understood Austins style till now, I always got Mondo, the whole Pinocchio thing he has going on and I know he had a very controlling father who pulled his strings and now that he's "out" hes a real boy and all that but Austin, I just didn't get. Now I do, he dresses like a little old lady but with a small dab of masculine twist. His model was him only without the "equipment" this particular challenge said a lot about Austin.
Too bad Rami wrapped his design up like a diaper, his jacket was wonderful but I guess that blouse had to be hidden somehow, the blouse looked to me like someone had performed an autopsy on it. I saw Michael looking at Jerells stuff while they were in Mood and suspect he took Jerells idea so I'm glad Michael didn't win. Now that Rami is out of my final three so I'm going to guess and say Michael, Mondo and Austin in the end but Austin had better watch out for Jerell, if he keeps putting up the way he did last week, he's in the final three for sure.
Posted: 4:39 pm on February 14th

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