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Project Runway All Stars: "O! Say, Can You Sew?"

Mila is out this week with her garment inspired by Papua New Guinea.
Mondo is named the winner this week. 
The judges liked Kenleys dress, but want her to try something new.
Mila is out this week with her garment inspired by Papua New Guinea.

Mila is out this week with her garment inspired by Papua New Guinea.

Photo: Lifetime Television

This week, the final six designers were invited to the United Nations headquarters to draw inspiration from the flags of various countries. Many of the designers took this challenge literally and used the colors of the flag to choose their fabrics. Unfortunately this resulted in a runway show full of costumes. Even Mondo's simple black jersey dress had a flag element down the back of it. The judges were unhappy with Austin's rushed garment, Jerell's "Indian Barbie," and Michael's pagenty mess. Mila is the one heading home with Jerell getting a pass through to next week. At the top were Kenley, Michael, and Mondo. The judges chose Mondo's dress over Kenley's look, warning her to take more chances and to design something out of her comfort zone next time.

Did you agree with the judges this week?

Austin: Seychelles (bottom)


Jerell: India (bottom)



Kenley: Chile (top)


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Comments (6)

Camielle Camielle writes: After seeing some of these garments . . . I don't feel bad at all wearing my not perfect garments. What has happened to classy styled garments???
Posted: 7:49 pm on February 28th

Kukana Kukana writes: I have to say I was less than thrilled with this week's challenge. I loved Kenley's dress, too bad it was so shoddy looking. I have mixed feelings about Mila going home. I think that all these designers may be too deep into their own aesthetic to climb out of their boxes. I was really hoping to see something fabulous from Jerrell this week, but I wasn't impressed. I really think that at this point, Mondo doesn't have much competition.....Austin better get his head out of the sand if expects to be in the top 3!
Posted: 4:29 pm on February 28th

mypattern mypattern writes: I am a big fan of Project Runway but this week was really bad, out of ideas and disappointing.
Posted: 7:36 am on February 27th

Stitchy Stitchy writes: I am losing interest. Maybe the show is running out of ideas.
Posted: 10:18 pm on February 25th

Soli Soli writes: Although I absolutely hated Mila's dress, I think that Kenley should have been aufed for that repeat she sent down the runway. She knows how to do one bodice and either a pencil skirt or full skirt variation. The band collar didn't even meet properly in the center back - it was two different levels. I could see all the frayed edges on her ruffles, so she didn't even bother finishing them, and on top of that it looked like she was missing at least one layer of ruffles because I didn't want to believe that she actually meant to send out that dress with the dot side point hanging freely and unfinished. The dress reminded me a bit of her Astrology challenge entry in her original season, and that looked like 80s Lacroix. I think that if Mila had done extended the black side down to the ankle and done an extension of part of the red so that it looked as if it were wrapping around the waist of the opposite side and incorporated the yellow piping in, she might have been able to save the look. I have seen her line for the last two seasons, and she is a bit militant about asymmetry in some of her pieces. Mila's work is a niche line, so you would only expect to see it on people who prefer original Balenciaga, mid-century modern architecture, and Jil Sander. I suppose she was happy that she was sent home for something that was entirely true to her personal aesthetic. If I were 4" taller and skinny, I'd wear Mondo's dress with a black back piece. I wanted to love Michael's dress, but the blue velvet and proportions killed it. I think that if he had incorporated the darker blue in layers of chiffon or jersey under his white, he would have nailed it. I've spent the last two evenings drafting patterns for myself in my brain, so maybe I need to get away from Project Runway and Threads for the afternoon and start thinking about real life...either that or just get the paper out and put something down and be done with it :/
Posted: 7:56 pm on February 24th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: I personally loved Mondo's dress, it was well made and I love a well cut garment. I'm not sorry to see Mila go although I would have cut Austin, I've seen 8th grade home ec students do a better job than he did. Austin is given far more credit than he deserves in my opinion.
That said, I am so tired of Mila's asymmetrical hemlines that I could scream! What's next? One legged jeans? Shorts that have a leg on one side and a thong on the other? I guess she could call them shongs. It looked like she took two completely different dresses, cut them in half right down the center line and sewed the different halves back together, neither half of that dress had anything to do with the other and I guess jerell is correct, Mcdonalds large fries have the same red and yellow design on the box. I do have to give her credit for her sewing ability though, she's an excellent seamstress. I have seen Kenley's dress several times on P.R. already, only in different colors. I don't know why the judges were so enthralled with that purple hearts and red stripes clown suit, it was a joke. I agree that Jerells was a costume and Michaels was a pagent dress. I still think the final three will include Mondo and Michael although I'm torn about the last one, I've seen Jerell create some lovely things but he doesn't seem very interested in pushing himself this time around.
Posted: 3:47 pm on February 24th

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