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Project Runway All Stars: "When I Get My Dress in Lights"

Austin wows the judges with this well-constructed garment.
The judges were disappointed this look was only half done.
Kenley was another favorite with her plaid party dress.
Austin wows the judges with this well-constructed garment.

Austin wows the judges with this well-constructed garment.

Photo: Lifetime Television

This week, the designers were asked to create an avant-garde garment while incorporating lighting technology. Although the designers were surprised by the challenge, Mondo commented that he didn't even know how to change a battery, each of the garments made their way down the runway without too many technical issues. There were many options to choose from, but many designers chose neon glow tape or light bulbs to add flare. Austin was the only designer not to go the techno-pop route. The judges responded to his level of taste and the construction of his gown, so Austin was crowned the winner of this challenge. They also loved Kenley's neon plaid and Mondo's look. At the bottom were Michael's Neon Ninja Princess and Jerell's garment. It was a tough decision, but Jerell is sent home this week.

Do you think the judges were right to send home Jerell, or should Michael have been the one leaving the competition?

Austin: (winner)


Jerell: (out)





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Comments (12)

Soli Soli writes: I was kind of underwhelmed by this challenge, but thought that the judges made the right decision sending Jerrel home. I spent 14 years of my life working at Disneyland, including spending summers doing guest control for the Main Street Electrical Parade, so having seen the costumes that the Disney team has come up with over the years, I kind of expected more out of the "All Stars." Michael's outfit reminded me of "Tron, " an absolute butt kicking Tron ninja. I guess if you're not into anime, it didn't seem like much. Mondo's looked like a new take on the Austin Powers Femmebots, although whoever made the remark the bust pieces to 1950s cars was right on the money. Kenley? Same old same old, and I wasn't that impressed by Austin's outfit. I don't think he deserved the win, though I don't believe any of the four deserved a win. Austin's didn't go far enough. With the side hoops, it sort of reminded me of the old Cinderella court dancers in the Electrical Parade, but he didn't use enough tulle to really set the lights off, not did he use a fabric like lame (which is what most of the Disney costumes are made of) that would also set the lights off. He was sure in love with his concept of a galaxy, but it was sort of meh, IMO.

I was thinking that this would be a competition that would be a throwback to the early days of PR, with the most talented designers, but for as long as they kept the half wits like Kenley and Kara, while Rami got sent home too early, I'm not as impressed as I was hoping to be. It's a shame that all of the challenges have had the pressure cooker deadline of a single day, because I'm sure that with two or three day challenges, and a slightly bigger budget, we might have seen better work.

Ask anyone in a costume shop or atalier to throw out some quick and dirty work and it can be done. I would have rather seen the contestants stretched to the best of their abilities in a setting that would have allowed them to shine. And I MISS Tim Gunn!!!!!
Posted: 9:46 pm on March 11th

Stitchy Stitchy writes: I wish the final three were Austin, Mondo and Rami. Austin's dress reminded me of a Bob Mackie Barbie design. It's looked beautiful on the runway. I have seen a few "Iconic" costumes up close and they all look a little rough but on stage they are another story.
I liked Jerrell he made me laugh.
Posted: 10:14 pm on March 9th

Cherlyn Cherlyn writes: I was sad to see Jerell go home becaseu he was one of my favorites. I thought Michael's was just dreadful, yet he stays. He is not creative at all. Mondo has the most creativity of any designer out there. I love some of Kenley's designs but not all of them. She tends to stick to one idea. Personally, when Mila was sent home, I thought that was a injustice to her because while she is out there, she is creative. Austin is fun to watch and he can come up with some beautiful designs. I thought this week was one of his best. He stood out from everyone else.

I would like to see Mondo, Austin, and Kenley in the final round.
Posted: 1:26 am on March 9th

NMT NMT writes: They kind of lost me when they sent Rami home - not that it wasn't warranted on that particular week, but all the others have gotten away with wrong choices at one point.
Now, I too would like to see Kenley in the top three, but rumour has it...
Posted: 12:30 pm on March 7th

CinderellaLollipop CinderellaLollipop writes: Well, I think Michael's designs are a big snooze-fest. He has maybe 3 looks and not much imagination. I can't believe he has made it this far. At least Jerell's designs are never boring.

I'm hoping for Mondo, Austin and Kenley for the final. For the win, I can't decide between Mondo and Austin. Mondo is mod, and Austin is fairytale...can't decide which I like better, but I think I'm leaning toward Austin.
Posted: 11:32 am on March 7th

Clothdog Clothdog writes: I like Kenley. She isn't as adventurous as Mondo (my favorite), but she has never sent anything down the runway that wasn't well made, well fitted, cute, challenge-appropriate, and true to herself.

I'd love to see a final three of Kenley, Austin and Mondo. They all have integrity, along with their varying levels of design skill.

Not a fan of Michael. His stuff always looks sloppy and frumpy to me.
Posted: 9:17 am on March 7th

KarylC KarylC writes: I am SO ready for Kenley to go home. What a bore--I don't understand how she can stand to keep making the same dress over and over. and i hated the laticework jacket.
If Jerrel had put his skirt and collar over black tights and leotard top it might have beat out Kenley.
Posted: 7:24 pm on March 6th

mypattern mypattern writes: Although judges are delighted by Austin s dress I personally do not like Austin dress, looks to me as a decorated Christmas tree.
Posted: 4:37 am on March 6th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: I was sorry to see Jerell go home because I know he can do better but I guess he felt he had to stick to his asthetic, so be it. I didn't think Michale's was awful at first, but then, he kept adding more and more and ruined the look. He needed to edit more and add less.
I thought Austin's dress was awful till the lights were turned out and his dress lit up the runway. It was the perfect look for an entertainer but I felt that once again, he was allowed to get away with sloppy work. The dress was nothing more than a skeleton of wire and tulle and the lights looked like they were just thrown on. However, it did look enchanting on the runway if you didn't look too closely.
I too am not impressed with kenley and she should be the one who goes home next. Austin may be sloppy but at least you know if he does make it to the final three, he will have some variety, we all already know what Kenley will put down the runway before she ever gets there and I am over Kenleys myopic view of what constitutes fashion forward style.
Posted: 10:36 am on March 3rd

Arlumizu Arlumizu writes: Well I guess someone has to go home. I like Jerell, I am sorry to see him go home. I don't like Kenley's design so much, but I also voted out Jerell's design this time around. Good luck to him!
Posted: 9:42 pm on March 2nd

sewgnu sewgnu writes: I love your recaps of the show, thank you. I'm not a fan of Kenley, and have chosen not to watch her rudeness and entitlement issues, so have tuned out what otherwise is a great showcase of talent. The creative talent of the others is inspiring to fashionistas and aspiring designers.
Posted: 4:39 pm on March 2nd

Elaray Elaray writes: I think the right person went home. I like everyone's look except Jerrel and Michael. For me, it was impossible to pick a favorite out of Kenley, Mono and Austin.
Posted: 2:49 pm on March 2nd

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