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A Measurement Chart of Your Very Own

Download our personal measurement chart to keep your measurements handy next time you go to the fabric store.

Download our personal measurement chart to keep your measurements handy next time you go to the fabric store.

Photo: Lisa Summerell

How many of us truly know, never mind remember, their measurements? It's darn frustrating-and embarrassing-to have to whip out the tape measure in the fabric store to get a hip measurement. Well, here's the "Well-duh!" solution: a printable measurement chart. Just click on the PDF, hit "Print," fill out, and stuff into your purse. You will always have your bust, waist, hip, and other key body measurements on hand and will never be flying measurement-blind again!

Click the PDF below to download your own personal measurement chart, and get started!

PDF: Personal Measurement Chart
-Adobe Acrobat required-


Comments (7)

danielbradly danielbradly writes: Nice
Posted: 5:20 am on May 18th

curlypaneser curlypaneser writes: it is really very helpful for housewives.Thanks for this..
Posted: 1:31 am on October 27th

user-2410140 user-2410140 writes: I was hoping to find the complete fitting guide as shown in the fitting book (spiral bound). I agree that the diagram of the person is totally illegible and thus pointless. It seems that after 8 years, a better one could be drafted and included on this page.
Posted: 6:02 pm on July 12th

user-4230312 user-4230312 writes: You can increase the font size of any page by pressing the Control button and the +/= button. But a link to a larger illustration would be helpful so we could print that too. Thank you for the chart, but did you have to say "stuff into your purse"? I already have way too much stuff stuffed in there!
Posted: 6:42 am on January 3rd

user-2827021 user-2827021 writes: The illustration on this page is too small to see. Perhaps you could link to an enlarged illustration of a diagram showing where the measurements should be taken corresponding to the numbers in the chart? I have the issue that this was taken from which uses letters instead of numbers, but there was no corresponding letters on the measurement chart

Also increase the font size a bit (and decrease the headline font) so I don't have to put on my magnifiers to read the descriptions (Natural neckline, Bust depth, etc)

Posted: 3:00 pm on July 4th

MrsNOYB MrsNOYB writes: Very helpful, thank you!
Posted: 11:29 am on June 13th

donnaei donnaei writes: All the important measurements on one sheet of paper!Invaluable! Thank you!

Posted: 11:18 pm on June 6th

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