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G'day Godet

Swingy godets are a kicky way to put a little flair into your skirt hem. And, we all need a little kick from time to time. In "Skirt Hems Go Full-Swing," in Sew Stylish, Number 1, you learned all about how to sew a godet-just a triangle of fabric, really-in your skirt. Here's how to get your pattern ready for inserting that godet. There's nothing to it, mate.

1. Mark the top of the godet on your skirt pattern and label it A; label the bottom B.

2. To draft the godet, draw a line the length of AB. Using a compass rule set to the length of AB, draw a curved bottom edge out from point B to the desire width. Draw the other side of the godet as a mirror image of AB.

3. Add a grainline. Draw it perpendicular to the bottom edge.

P.S. The illustration shows one section of an eight-gore skirt. This gore is trumpet shaped, but you can use the same process for a straight or A-line version.


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