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Ballistic for Balenciaga

A designer to become obsessed with. Last year, I was enamored with everything Chanel. My obsession was spurred by "Inside a Chanel Jacket," an article I edited for our sister publication, Threads Magazine (#121).

This year, Cristobal Balenciaga is my muse. When my brother and sister-in-law jetted off to Paris and Madrid in early December, they came back with a fan-ta-bu-lous Christmas present for me: a Balenciaga wallet. I had never felt leather like this before! I just HAD to figure out why it was so buttery soft. And so began my 2007 designer obsession. After reading everything available online, I turned to books. Here's one of my favorites:

Balenciaga and His Legacy by Myra Walker (Yale University Press, 2006)

I have long admired Balenciaga's signature silhouettes. My quest, these days, is to dig deeper: learn the history, study the clothes in detail, and figure out the design and construction techniques. Stay tuned-I'll share my discoveries.

P.S. The Balenciaga secret to super-soft, supple leather goods: naturally distressed Italian goat (chevre) leather.


--Jennifer Sauer


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