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Quick to Make Project: Serger Scarf

In just a short time, youll have a fashionable scarf like this.
Cut a 36-inch fabric square, or whatever size youd like your finshed scarf to be.
Run the scarf edges through your serger on the rolled hem or 3-thread serging setting.
In just a short time, youll have a fashionable scarf like this.

In just a short time, you'll have a fashionable scarf like this.

Photo: Ann Steeves

Quick-to-make Project: Serger Scarf
Do you ever want to make a really easy project that you can whip up in just a few minutes? Maybe as an antidote to all the couture sewing you've been doing lately? Of maybe you just need a last minute gift for a friend? Here's a project that literally takes minutes to make. It's a scarf that you simply cut and run up on your serger.

What You'll Need
-1 yard of 44-inch-wide silk fabric. I used a silk crepe georgette. You can also use chiffon, charmeuse, even lightweight cotton or rayon.
-Thread to match or contrast. You'll need 3 spools for your serger.

1. Cut a 36-inch square of fabric. This is easiest to do if you have a gridded cutting mat and a rotary cutter. If not, use a T-square or a carpenter's square ruler to mark your fabric.

2. Set your serger to the rolled hem setting. If your serger doesn't have a built-in rolled hem, then simply set it up for 3-thread serging, with the stitch length set to 1.5 millimeters.

Starting at one corner, serge the length of your square and off the end. I don't trim much off my edge, but if it makes you more comfortable, you can serge using a half-inch (10mm) seam allowance. Repeat on all sides. Trim the excess thread chains, and if you like, dab a drop of anti-fray liquid on the corners.

3. Press your fabulous scarf. Then wrap it a la Jackie or Grace and wear with elan for a glamorous look!


Comments (1)

user-2005712 user-2005712 writes: I have been struggling with doing a successful rolled edge on my serger with very light weight knits or chiffon. It just tears away and I am left with the threads and fabric completely separated. Can anyone give me some advice? i have tried stabalizers and nothing works. I am working on single layers as in hemming a scarf on all egdes. what is wrong with me?
Posted: 2:57 pm on May 5th

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