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How to Easily Hem Sheer Fabrics

excerpted from SewStylish Spring 2009

See-through fabrics were front and center on the runways this season in everything from skirts and jacekts to dresses and skirts. Take a tip from a real-life couturier, Kenneth King: Hem those tricky sheers with pearl cotton thread and a simple technique. Pearl cotton thread is inexpensive and can be matched to just about any color you desire. You'll find it in the embroidery section of most sewing-supply stores. For more seam finishes for sheer materials, see "Sheer Seams and Edges" in Threads #106.

1. Mark and stitch the hemline. Trace your hemline with tailor's chalk or an air-soluble marker. Place a piece of tissue paper underneath the hem, and straight-stitch along the hemline with a 2mm/14spi stitch length


2. Couch the hem. Set your machine for a 1- to 1.5mm-wide zigzag with a 2.5 to 3mm length. Lay a length of pearl cotton thread of any weight over the stitched hemline, and zigzag over it.


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