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Thread needles with a floss threader

Photo: Sloan Howard

I have macular degeneration which makes it difficult to thread my machine and hand needles. I've tried products designed for this purpose, but Butler GUM Eez-Thru floss threaders (intended for flossing dental crowns and bridges) are the best. They're inexpensive and available in packs of 25 in most dental-care departments. They are thin and flexible, yet rigid enough to push through the eye of a needle-even ones with small eyes. If necessary, I cut the straight end of the threader at an angle to help ease it through. Once it's through the eye, I place my thread end through the circular opening at the opposite end. I pull the threader and thread completely through the needle's eye. When the floss threader is removed, the needle has been successfully threaded without a struggle!
-F. Lois Larson, Hardy, Arizona


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