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How to Make a Needle Case

Sewing needle case clutch
Sewing needle case clutch detail
Sewing clutch interior
Sewing needle case clutch

Sewing needle case clutch

Photo: Ever Kelly

Having a needle at the ready is an ongoing challenge for most sewers. Kelly Lee-Creel of Ever Kelly found a solution in this super cute needle case. It's so lovely, you may not want to put it away once your sewing is done. It also helps save your sewing kit from spilled needles and your eyes from searching through your pin cushion.

Check out her blog for a complete tutorial on how to make your own.


Comments (3)

MonetViera MonetViera writes: Nice 1
Posted: 12:42 am on December 7th

seanbell3 seanbell3 writes: Thumbs up for the stuff.... Great ..
Posted: 1:26 am on October 30th

Robzikshi Robzikshi writes: Superb one
Posted: 7:53 am on May 22nd

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