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For Quilt Your Stast, My Cancer Quilt

My First Quilt
Me and the Blue Ribbon
My First Quilt

My First Quilt


Eleven months ago, I finished breast cancer chemotherapy. My 90 year old grandmother encouraged me to piece a quilt during the chemo treatments when I complained of not having the energy to do anything. This would be my first time sewing a quilt.


I started sewing a 'H' in the center of an old white sheet with a trapunto technique; then added fleur de lis blocks. My inspiration came from the book, Boutis & Trapunto by Coget. Adding the black and white toile curtain fabric next gave it a 'French' feeling. Then scraps from a quilting jellyroll and two of my husband's shirts added to the size of it. It grew to fit a queen-size bed!


Some of the blocks are pieced by hand when I felt so bad that I couldn't move from the couch, some scraps were sewn with a friends sewing machine. I found that the toile fabric frayed easily and the blocks needed to be zigged-zagged by a machine. The quilting part was done professionally. And yes, she complained about the piece not being very square, or straight, seams not a quarter inch, and puckering!


I, with all my heart, recommend making a scrap quilt. This not only added a physical layer of warmth and comfort with all the fabric in my lap, but also gave me joy in seeing the project grow and become a finished family treasure. Before Christmas, I entered it in a local Quilter's Show and won a ribbon for 'Best First Quilt'. It was a wonderful opportunity to remind the quilting group to keep medical checkups current.


I am so excited to start my second quilt and using the new Quilt Your Stash!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Judith W. Huey

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