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Video: Learn the Basics of Fashion Illustration from Yelen Aye

Video Length: 19:15
Produced by: Yelen Ayé

Discover how to sketch a figure and bring your designs to life with the help of illustrator Yelen Ayé. His article "Fashion Illustration Basics" in the Summer 2012 issue of SewStylish shows you how to begin your fashion sketches, mastering the body's basic shapes while also incorporating movement and attitude. In this video, Yelen shares an up-close look at his sketching technique so you can get started on developing your own style.

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Comments (11)

Siuoxzeegirl Siuoxzeegirl writes: Excellent video! Now I just need to practice sketching and keeping it quick and light. I've always wanted to learn fashion sketching just had no idea where to begin.
Posted: 9:07 pm on April 29th

lovemysinger lovemysinger writes: I am sorry, but transmission was not clear when you told the brand of markers used. Will you [lease provide?
Posted: 7:41 pm on January 1st

bushbunny bushbunny writes: This was, as I have to come expect from Threads, a first class instructional video. Thank you.
Posted: 11:22 am on December 7th

loueybaton loueybaton writes: You should check out a career in []fashion illustrator career[/url].
Posted: 5:03 pm on July 18th

JULIE JULIE writes: Here in the UK we have only one sewing magazine that focuses purely on dress making.So i decided recently to subscribe to your brilliant magazine. I have been sewing all my adult life, making most of my kids clothes for a fraction of the cost of "ready mades". Now a grandmother my daughter said she didn't want anything making for her daughter, which saddens me greatly.
I spend alot of my time making existing clothes larger which usually works well.
Thanks again for a wonderfully informative magazine.
Posted: 7:41 am on July 2nd

user-1117178 user-1117178 writes: Thank you! that was so helpful and interesting.

Posted: 10:32 am on June 27th

DebraBC DebraBC writes: Yelen makes it look so easy. Just needed to add a happy little purse here or there. I am going to try this while I watch the video. Yelen is great. Thanks

Posted: 8:29 pm on June 26th

abelfamily abelfamily writes: Very cool. My degree is computer science and now I make clothes for fun and teach sewing and digitizing. This was great.
Posted: 9:11 am on June 20th

saifonanaya saifonanaya writes: Oh i love the video thank you so much for showing it.
Posted: 6:16 pm on June 19th

Maureen32 Maureen32 writes: I have been looking for this sort of help for years. I shall keep practising until I improve and am able to express my ideas in a much better format than I have previously
Posted: 10:10 am on June 14th

Thewallinna Thewallinna writes: Such an inspiring tutorial! I cannot draw at all, but this video gives me hope :) Thanks!
Posted: 10:00 pm on June 12th

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