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Get the Ideal Silhouette: Self-Evaluation Worksheet


Although we are three-dimensional beings, we tend to view ourselves as one flat plane, usually from the front. Your figure type determines your silhouette. In this article, Susan Lazear helps you to figure out the silhouette that most closely resembles your figure. This personal analysis worksheet will help you document your figure evaluation. We have included the entire article, "Get the Ideal Silhouette" by Susan Lazear, with the worksheet for your convenience. 

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Comments (6)

charisbathel charisbathel writes: Beautiful
Posted: 3:40 am on January 28th

twilightdancer twilightdancer writes: Hello everyone, I have to join in to say I'm in love with Louise Cutting, I don't think my husband will mind. I watched her #4 DVD bodice fitting for T's etc. and finally found out what I'm suppose to do about the hemline I have Threads fitting set, Sandra Betzina's box for moving darts etc. and others in book and discs by the shelf full. She is the first one to show exactly where she wants me to true my lines, Thank You so much Louise. I can stop measuring my hems on my form, you are a great teacher. I tried to bye the new disc and found out it's not available yet. I'll keep my eye out looking for it. I just joined INSIDER and am looking forward to learning more.
Posted: 4:21 pm on July 6th

scrubble4 scrubble4 writes: I think this is a helpful article no matter our age. Often we fill out in the waist and slide down in the hips, at least I have. Still whatever our silhouette is, this little worksheet can help us be honest about what it is and how we can tweak it. However, the emphasis is on tweaking. If we really want to change the silhouette, I am loath to say, I think we need to address diet and exercise. I remember an article quite some time ago in Threads, where you dressed in leotards, took a picture and then used that picture to see your silhouette. That process was brutally honest about the shape we were in. I think these two articles go together and I am glad to have this in my resources file.
Posted: 7:49 pm on July 2nd

user-1121900 user-1121900 writes: I also agree that it would be nice to see something that is directed to "mature" figures. After several children and menopause, it's not my clothes that "flounce".
Posted: 12:55 pm on July 2nd

user-1103816 user-1103816 writes: I agree with robyn, I too would love to see more article for the over 55 crowd, especially when it comes to designing for our changing shape.
Posted: 9:08 am on July 1st

robynmcintyre robynmcintyre writes: This is really useful and I love that you have clear-cut directions for determining your shape. What's less clear-cut to me is that, as I've grown older, I'm aware that some things that were part of my style vocabulary just don't work any more. Miniskirts for example, or lots of ruffles and flounces. I would like to see articles on how re-evaluate your style and incorporate it into a new wardrobe.
Posted: 5:54 pm on June 27th

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