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Move a Zipper's Location

The original pattern for moving a zipper opening.
Photo: Jack Deutsch

Exposed zippers can be added to any garment. You can use an existing garment opening, such as a center-back or center-front opening, shift the original opening to another spot, or create new zipper locations in any existing seamline. But not all patterns offer the ideal zipper location. 

For example, side-seam zippers are hidden during garment wear, so there's little point in exposing a zipper at that spot. Also, zippers are somewhat stiff and don't curve easily. If your chosen pattern has a side opening, consider moving the opening to the garment's center back or front for a smoother result.

Shifting the zipper opening to the center back is easy if the pattern has a center-back or center-front seam. If the pattern indicates cutting on a fold at center front or back, simply pin the garment section away from the fold, add 5/8-inch seam allowance to the fold line, and cut two separate back pieces instead of one piece on the fold. Stitch the original side-seam opening closed and insert the zipper at the center back. 

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