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BOOK GIVEAWAY: Fashion by Design

Fashion by Design by Janice Greenberg Ellinwood

Fashion by Design by Janice Greenberg Ellinwood

Photo: Fairchild Books

In the "Cool Tools" section of SewStylish Summer 2012 we featured Fashion by Design by Janice Greenberg Ellinwood. The book Fashion by Design (Fairchild Books, 2011), is a fashion theory textbook that covers elements of design, such as line, shape, pattern, color, and texture; and the principles of design, such as proportion and unity. Janice Greenberg Ellinwood also offers examples of how some of the greatest designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, implement these design principles to create their one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Leave your comment below and tell us why you'd love to have Fashion by Design. Leave your post prior to the deadline (11:59 p.m. EST, Wednesday September 5, 2012) and you could win a copy of the book. The winner will be randomly selected on Friday, September 7. The winner will be notified via email.

Good Luck!


Comments (32)

Harikleia Harikleia writes: I would love to have this book. I'd like to learn how to design. There are some patterns that I cannot sew, and this book can teach me design skills.
Posted: 11:22 am on September 6th

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: An explanation of good design could only motivate me beyond my current skill level (rudimentary).
Posted: 10:06 am on September 5th

MaggieL55 MaggieL55 writes: I can sew, and can draft simple patterns, and I'm not bad at either of those things, but I haven't a clue about what makes good design. This book might be exactly what I need to get fashion design through to me and help me design my own patterns with a bit of flair and style.

Thanks for the opportunity to perhaps win this book.

Maggie L.

Posted: 3:28 am on September 5th

SewVegan SewVegan writes: I would love this book because, like many sewists, I'd love to learn more about design! I end up designing a little every time I sew something because I'm choosing a fabric to go with a pattern, and I'm often doing more than that by moving pockets, combining sleeves from View A with the hemline of View B, etc.
Posted: 11:40 pm on September 4th

user-1114374 user-1114374 writes: The older I get, the braver I get in sewing designs. This would give me more ideas to create outside of the box! What a fun book, I hope I win!
Posted: 3:07 pm on September 4th

elizabeth001au elizabeth001au writes: This is the sort of book which would help take my design and creativity to the next level.Id love to win it!!
Posted: 9:56 am on September 4th

cecine cecine writes: wow I would love to win this book. Thanks
Posted: 8:55 am on September 4th

Sew_With_Me Sew_With_Me writes: Books are one of our most valuable design and technique resources where we can browse the pages at any hour of the day, or night, and dream our dreams of creating such magnificence as portrayed on the cover of this book. Just looking at the cover makes me want to run, not walk, to my sewing machine! Are we not the most fortunate people on earth - we can take a flat piece of fabric and pattern and see our dreams become a reality; in the fabric of choice, colour of choice and to fit us! I feel all tingly reading the book review and thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to win it for ourselves!!!
Posted: 10:45 pm on September 3rd

zybet zybet writes: I always want to learn more and more about principles of design and the way how great designers use them. It's just fun.
Posted: 7:03 pm on September 3rd

LauraBolcina LauraBolcina writes: I'd love to win this book!
Posted: 9:44 am on September 3rd

gwensews gwensews writes: Oh, just looking at the cover makes me drool! What eye candy! I would love to read and learn from this book.
Posted: 8:12 am on September 3rd

arefaces arefaces writes: The cover is fab!!!!! I am studying and learning how to sew. I would love this book to assist me in see that sewing and the creation of fabric can be so much more. I would love to win this book, just love.
Posted: 4:13 pm on September 2nd

erk50 erk50 writes: I would love to win this book to help expland my sewing skills. Also, it is my Birthday today so it would be a great birthday present!
Posted: 6:32 am on September 2nd

marybethb marybethb writes: As a self taught sewist, I'm always looking for texts to help me learn. I would love to own this book!
Posted: 9:42 am on September 1st

SewVintageStyle SewVintageStyle writes: The multi-colored dress on the cover of the book is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of why I learned to sew. Fashion is high art. I sew because I want to express in way of the great artists of couture and because sewing is my meditation and place of peace. "Fashion By Design" would be a great inspiration and design book for me.
Posted: 11:28 pm on August 31st

myersjazzy myersjazzy writes: I have been a student of sewing and fashion for seven years, but my collection of books on the subjects is very limited. I love learning and I would love to learn more. That is why I would love to have this book.

Posted: 1:04 pm on August 31st

KiwiTan KiwiTan writes: Winning this book would help me to achieve a long term goal of designing my own clothes. Our local polytechnic would only accept me if I was a full time student. But I'm a full time worker, with a mortgage to pay. I was very disappointed, as I thought studying fashion design part time was a reasonable compromise. So now, it's just me, my machine, and my books.
Posted: 11:44 pm on August 30th

moviedoll moviedoll writes: I'd love to learn how to construct out of the ordinary garments. I think this book would help. :)
Posted: 2:21 pm on August 30th

SandiAnn SandiAnn writes: I would love love this book. I have recently returned to sewing after years of painting. Yes I still paint and the things i learned while doing fine art has influenced my sewing accessories. I have been have tons o' fun making purses and scarves. I have so many ideas in my head i can't sew fast enough. I have ideas for more functional wearable art. Rediscovering Threads has helped with the technical as well as to inspire me. Please consider me for the award. I can assure you it won't go to waste.

Posted: 7:47 am on August 30th

schrodanger schrodanger writes: Years ago I took a class at Colorado State University in design, it would be great to see how (and if) things have changed in the designing world. This looks like a beautiful book full of information, I'd love to own it.
Posted: 6:33 am on August 30th

Beth18 Beth18 writes: Hate having the same outfit as everyone else and am coming back to sewing for myself. I need more inspiration! This looks like it will head me in the right direction. Please, please pick me.
Posted: 8:07 pm on August 29th

misssarcastica misssarcastica writes: Looks like a great book covering the basics of fashion! Would be wonderful for my library.
Posted: 10:44 am on August 29th

gypsysue gypsysue writes: Just joined a local fashion sewing group and this book would be a big plus. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Posted: 10:11 pm on August 28th

lynaeve lynaeve writes: Thanks for the chance. I would love this because I always love more info.
Posted: 9:42 am on August 28th

JanieeDee JanieeDee writes: I'm teaching myself at the moment and a book about the principles of design is just what I need.
Posted: 4:23 am on August 28th

Marie_S_G Marie_S_G writes: This books looks inspireing, that is what I need, inspiration.
Posted: 3:01 am on August 28th

WillaMcNeill WillaMcNeill writes: Moving in the world of watercolor painting my mentor stressed four painterly components--shape, value, color, texture.

I suspect that in desiging clothing (or anything else) these remain touchstones.
Posted: 9:58 pm on August 27th

Out_West Out_West writes: I would LOVE this book for my 15 year old daughter. She loves art, is constantly crafty, just won a Best Overall Presentation Award in 4-H for her "I Have Nothing to Wear" presentation about dressing your body well, and is an excellent seamstress. This book would tie all her passions, talents, and interests together. And I could use some help in selecting/designing for myself.
Posted: 9:10 pm on August 27th

Shukyuen Shukyuen writes: I am an aspiring designer and love all things fashion! I would love to have this book because I love the dress on the cover and want to know what the book has to say about it.
Posted: 8:48 pm on August 27th

bajjmayer bajjmayer writes: I would love this because I am now back into fashion sewing and am trying to elevate beyond a follow-the pattern pattern-- I would love to learn to step outside of the box and incorporate "MY" style by studying the true artists of the fashion world
Posted: 8:03 pm on August 27th

MsMadisson MsMadisson writes: Hello Everyone - I was recently referred by (FB Profile: Sew Craftful), about designer/teacher (Susan Eilas) from one of her teaching videos on (You Tube) regarding draping, and I must say I was amazed!

From my perspective as a sewer the desire to create clothing that has durability, a creative edge, and becomes cost effective in the long run was derived mostly from necessity.

Throughout all my sewing projects I have always thought it would be nice to create my own patterns that would benefit my personal style and creativity, but somehow considered it to be somewhat out of my reach.
After viewing (Susan Eilas),videos I see that the possibilities are endless if given the proper tools and instruction along with a true desire.

Now there are many designers/teachers who may have videos or reading tutorials in the art of draping, and I think when it comes to such a topic each person perspective has to be observed/viewed and possible used to determine which style is best for you. You may even find yourself using instructions from many and compiling them all into one easy concept for you to use in the long run. But the whole point is to research and be comfortable with the instructions and to know which one(s) fits you.

I would be so, so ECSTATIC to receive this book "Fashion By Design" by Janice Greenberg Ellinwood. I feel her insights would open my world even more to terms of relaying image, concept and conditioning to designing apparel.

Thank you for sponsoring this book giveaway! Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

Posted: 5:24 pm on August 27th

Serral Serral writes: There are great designers that can't sew, and talented sewers that can't design. I am moderately good at sewing, and appreciate good design. My ability to design is limited. This book would be a good addition to my library and hopefully be a tool that helps me develop my design skills.
Posted: 4:06 pm on August 27th

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