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The Winner of "The Art of Fashion Draping" is...

The Art of Fashion Draping by Connie Amaden-Crawford

The Art of Fashion Draping by Connie Amaden-Crawford

Congratulations to missabee11 who was randomly selected in our most recent book giveaway. Missabee11 will receive a copy of The Art of Fashion Draping by Connie Amaden-Crawford (Fairchild Books, 2012). In its fourth edition, Connie has updated her book to include more illustrations, a new chapter regarding fitting methods, and much more. With basic to advanced techniques for draping just about every garment, you can learn about fashion draping with Connie's simple step-by-step instructions. Enjoy and congratulations again!

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CCCouture CCCouture writes: Congratulations missabee11! You will love this book! I received a copy as a gift from Ms Crawford, for being selected as the Fashion Patterns by Coni People's Choice in the Midnight Magic Sewing Challenge 2012.

This past weekend, while participating in the American Sewing Expo Passion For Fashion Design Challenge, in Novi, MI, as one of the 12 Designer Finalists, I drafted the Funnel Neckline from the book to make a silk organza jacket, inspired by a Grasshopper. I turned out just beautifully!, just like the funnel necklines of my favorite designer Chado Ralph Rucci.

I credit using the "Art of Fashion Draping" for being selected as one of the Top 6 Passion For Fashion Designers! for all of the inspiring silhouettes, it includes.
Posted: 5:37 am on October 2nd

missabee11 missabee11 writes: Thanks so much, Threads!! I can't wait to use them!
Posted: 2:53 pm on September 26th

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