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Add a Fluttery Sleeve to a Sleeveless Garment

In Threads' December/January 2013 issue (#164), Kathleen Cheetham explains how to add sleeves to the sleeveless garments you make. She shows three classic sleeve styles in the article: a cap sleeve, a short kimono sleeve, and a long kimono sleeve. We saved the fourth style--a flirty, fluttery shawl-like sleeve--for this online exclusive.

These triangular-shaped, shawl-like mock sleeves attach to a sleeveless garment's right side, creating fluttering overlays at the shoulders. They're a great option for transforming sleeveless ready-to-wear tops, as well as home-sewn garments. Choose lightweight fabrics with lots of drape.

Make the shawl sleeves in a fabric that complements, matches, or contrasts the main garment body. You can cut them from a single layer, or create a more substantial effect by cutting two layers for each sleeve, sewing each with right sides together, and turning them right side out. Narrow hems keep the look simple, while lace trim or a picot edge creates a sweet effect. The sleeves shown have piped hems. For a romantic look, cut two layers, one longer than the other, and narrow-hem them separately.

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