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Captain Hook

My son wanted to be Captain Hook for Halloween so I used an OOP McCall's pattern to make the vest, jacket and pants. Ordered the hat and found shoes locally. 

Pattern or design used: McCalls P397 (OOP)

Comments (9)

Jami Watson Jami Watson writes: Great effort
Posted: 6:37 am on August 10th

jacobharold jacobharold writes: Its great
Posted: 5:05 am on April 15th

leeburns45 leeburns45 writes: Friends now you can share you ideas with someone on
Posted: 1:00 am on January 30th

briggsbeck45 briggsbeck45 writes: Good job!!
Posted: 5:34 am on December 30th

alexwest35 alexwest35 writes: Great work
Posted: 4:48 am on December 1st

tonyhogan15 tonyhogan15 writes: This is soo nice.
Posted: 1:10 am on July 22nd

gabachan gabachan writes: great post
Posted: 12:49 pm on June 19th

SamuelPointer SamuelPointer writes: so cute
Posted: 5:57 am on November 24th

mollmal mollmal writes: So fun! He looks thrilled!
Posted: 9:53 pm on November 5th

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