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Houte-a-saurus rex

Bodysuit:Cotton blend stretch fabric I got this summer. I sprayed the top portion with "Make It Stone" spray paint The paint made the top a little stiff (naturally) so I added a little zipper in the back. I wanted the fabric to feel like Dinosaur skin.

The shoulders are just shoulder pads that I sprayed with the same "Make It Stone" Spray paint.

Horns:feather weight clay that I shaped over aluminum foil. sanded when they dried and brushed fabric dye over

Head: I cut triangles from black card stock and wrapped them around a headband. I sprayed the bottom with the same spray paint.

Hands: Feather weight clay. I wanted them to look like scales but they ended up looking like rocks. I used the fame fabric dye on them. My "claws" are Halloween witch fingers. I cut the nails off and painted.

Necklace: Feather weight clay. Spray painted

Pattern or design used: My own design

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