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This costume was designed and worn by me. The costume was handmade as well. About 2 days went into designing the mask. The materials used were: burlap, rope, twine, yarn, charcoal pastels/paint, and wild rice. The mask was made out of the burlap I took references from many photos and takes on the costume and compiled them together to create my design but also adding my own take on it as well.

The twine was used to create the stitchingThe yarn as used for the mouthThe rope was used for the nooseThe charcoal pastel/paint was used to add wear and tear to the costume as well as shadows and a burn effect.The wild rice was used to make the mask look as if there were insects crawling out of it.

Pattern or design used: My own design

Comments (32)

Mary Shafer Mary Shafer writes: excellent
Posted: 4:48 am on September 7th

Miley Stuart Miley Stuart writes: Mind Blowing
Posted: 3:36 am on August 28th

Dale Mark Dale Mark writes: Excellent
Posted: 1:20 am on August 1st

reginzramb reginzramb writes: Its nice and scary costume
Posted: 11:24 pm on June 13th

FrancisWalsh FrancisWalsh writes: What An Imagination!
Posted: 2:15 pm on May 31st

carymyers34 carymyers34 writes: Endclass
Posted: 1:34 am on May 30th

Ashtonjames Ashtonjames writes: that's great
Posted: 12:49 pm on January 27th

FelisaRussell FelisaRussell writes: such a strange work.
Posted: 12:13 pm on July 5th

GeorgeHarris GeorgeHarris writes: haha cool
Posted: 4:23 am on May 22nd

luizamodel luizamodel writes: Something unique here
Posted: 2:41 am on May 3rd

joangomez joangomez writes: what is this on the face?
Posted: 2:14 am on April 26th

Albert_Robert Albert_Robert writes: Awesome design
Posted: 12:30 pm on April 20th

thestephan thestephan writes: So scary
Posted: 6:48 am on March 25th

Carolyoung Carolyoung writes: Two thumbs up
Posted: 4:04 am on March 13th

tpmike tpmike writes: So scary mask, great work
Posted: 2:25 am on March 10th

dennysmudge dennysmudge writes: Ugly mask.
Posted: 10:59 am on February 11th

DarylLee1 DarylLee1 writes: great work
Posted: 3:12 am on January 20th

rachelallan rachelallan writes: So scary...
Posted: 10:32 am on November 9th

prophc prophc writes: too good
Posted: 2:13 am on October 28th

Jelkstrish Jelkstrish writes: wonderful
Posted: 1:57 pm on August 10th

Anna_Bloom Anna_Bloom writes: awesome work
Posted: 4:56 am on July 8th

johan21 johan21 writes: superb work
Posted: 3:03 am on July 8th

esteph6 esteph6 writes: good job
Posted: 2:44 am on July 6th

Ashtonjames Ashtonjames writes: awesome
Posted: 2:04 am on July 3rd

Lissa53 Lissa53 writes: awesome work
Posted: 7:23 am on June 25th

Deepak786 Deepak786 writes: great work
Posted: 6:59 am on June 22nd

Amymoreno Amymoreno writes: This is lovely
Posted: 3:06 am on May 11th

jasskr0 jasskr0 writes: Superb Lol
Posted: 3:28 am on April 3rd

RosieDavis RosieDavis writes: Nice costume
Posted: 4:06 am on March 28th

johnludvig johnludvig writes: that legitimately scared me
Posted: 7:41 am on March 17th

jamiekrover jamiekrover writes: good work
Posted: 5:49 am on March 12th

johnsonpaul johnsonpaul writes: great work
Posted: 2:28 am on March 11th

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