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Winter Wonderland

Snow Queen
Leggings and boots
 Mask and beautiful head piece
My Snowy Purse
My Winter Wonderland Boots
Snow Queen

Snow Queen

The theme of my costume is "The Winter Wonderland". I do not use a pattern, I start cutting the fabric, adding layers where I feel they need to go. I do not own a sewing machine, so every inch is hand stitched. On my Jacket I have 56 jingle bells on the bottom trim, that I glued and glittered. I made rosettes out of material around my neck and bottom of jacket, which has blue fairy lights woven in. My Leggings I made and embellished them with glue and glitter swirls. My Mukluk boots are made with same fabric as my jacket, ribbons and siver beads. I have embellished fairy lights on the side trim and around top cuff of the boots. My mask is made with embellisments, glitter, beads and ribbons. My head piece is made from winter swags that I cut up and glued onto a headbead. My wig is 2 boas cut up and glued onto a piece of material, then sewn to keep in place. My purse is hand stitched and embellished with bead, glue and glitter. This costume took me 1 1/2 months to make. I hope you enjoy, as I love Halloween. Thank You

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Karen Nichols

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