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Combining Fabric Weaves and Weights

Finish Seams

Use seam finishes appropriate to each fabric. That may mean two different seam finishes on the same seam. Here is an example with a orange georgette and a multicolored loose weave. The fabric is too lightweight for binding, so I used a clean-edge finish. The loose weave is too irregular to turn under, and it frays easily, so I used a Hong Kong finish.

Sew the georgette seam allowance with a clean-edge finish (left). Bind the loose-weave seam allowance with a Hong Kong finish (right).


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Comments (8)

lastminutelady lastminutelady writes: I especially appreciate the tip about stretching a loose weave fabric to fit a curved seam rather than clipping it. I am preparing to sew my daughter's princess seamed wedding dress out of hand woven silk and I need all the information about loosely woven fabrics I can find!

Posted: 6:34 pm on April 5th

ArleneSews ArleneSews writes: This is such timely info for me as I've been planning to reuse denim to combine with all sorts of other fabrics into new garments. Very useful information about combining wovens / knits. Thank You!
Posted: 12:14 pm on December 25th

JerseyQueen JerseyQueen writes: Great article, is it best to dryclean garments that have been combined, such as silk and jersey, or as by Sewista wool crepe and leather?

Thanks for the information, its great that in sewing you never stop learning...
Posted: 6:03 pm on November 24th

Sewista Sewista writes: I love that this technique utilizes smaller bits of fabric therefore keeping them out of the landfill. Great techniques.

I am still in a quandary about how to clean these items, particularly a natural fiber, such as a wool crepe, with leather, ie, a leather yoke for example. That is what is preventing me from trying this mix of those two.
Posted: 6:16 am on November 15th

EvamarieGomez EvamarieGomez writes: Dear J.A. Williamson,

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Posted: 9:08 am on November 14th

sewingagain sewingagain writes: Awesome information since I'm having a great time remaking and upcycling my clothes! I just made a heavy knit sweater (Abercrombie & Fitch $6 at Goodwill)into a short shrug to match a vintage dress. Another Goodwill jersey knit t-shirt($3)became my bias banding. I stay stitched everything before cutting the sweater apart and stay stitched the bias jersey banding before attaching it. I then hand stitched the inside banding edges down. Thanks for tips which I will utilize very soon.
Posted: 7:59 am on November 14th

user-2242830 user-2242830 writes: I do not wish to continue with the 14 day free trial of threads information.

I do not want anymore emails from threads which arrive daily.

Please stop them.
J. A. Williamson.
Posted: 1:18 am on November 14th

Julianne_Bramson Julianne_Bramson writes: What a wonderful article! I love the way all the different colors and textures go together! So inspiring and fun!
Posted: 4:16 pm on November 12th

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