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Project Runway All Stars Episode 2: "Put On Your Dancing Shoes"

The guest judge was Nine Wests handbag designer, Rafe Totengco. The All-Stars judging panel was rounded out with Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, and model/host Carolyn Murphy.
Wendy Pepper in the Project Runway All Stars workroom.
Uli Herzners winning design.
The guest judge was Nine Wests handbag designer, Rafe Totengco. The All-Stars judging panel was rounded out with Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, and model/host Carolyn Murphy.

The guest judge was Nine West's handbag designer, Rafe Totengco. The All-Stars judging panel was rounded out with Isaac MizrahiGeorgina Chapman of Marchesa, and model/host Carolyn Murphy.


Shoes were the starting point for the second challenge on Project Runway All Stars (Season 2), very fancy dancin' shoes.

In a new Nine West challenge, the competitors were asked to create disco-era looks to go with Nine West's shoe collection. Think Bianca Jagger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marisa Berenson, Cher, Studio 54 and "Saturday Night Fever," but modern too (NOT a '70s costume). 

The guest judge was Nine West's handbag designer, Rafe Totengco

The All-Stars judging panel was rounded out with the regular cast of critics: Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, and model/host Carolyn Murphy.

On to the judging and the disco outfits!

The winner

Uli Herzner. Uli's look was praised by the judges for it's modern and expensive look.



The loser

Surprise! Wendy Pepper went home! Isaac didn't care for the print she used and the judges thought her outfit looked too much like a costume.


The best of the rest

Joshua McKinley:


Ivy Higa:


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Comments (11)

pattyman pattyman writes: Uli's dress is remarkably similar to Georgina's. Same color, same fringe. No wonder it was won.
And another thing...Where the hell was Andrae's Quiana?
Posted: 3:08 pm on November 10th

Jill_a_Lynn Jill_a_Lynn writes: That white dress was UGLY and definitely not seventies. And how did it accentuate the 9 West shoes? Lots of better options. And the green one is hideous also. Yuk.
Posted: 6:07 pm on November 7th

Oceanpeg Oceanpeg writes: I like Wendys look, with and without the chains.I don't think she should have been sent home for same. I have a similar/same print of black fabric that she used on her pants that I made into wide legs slacks, 70's style. The red white and black combo is also my favorite too. I think Andrea should have been sent home instead of Wendy.
Posted: 12:54 pm on November 7th

sandipratt sandipratt writes: I MISS TIM !!!
Posted: 10:02 pm on November 6th

sandipratt sandipratt writes: I don't like Wendy Pepper and her back stabbing tricks, but her outfit was a lot better than Andrae's. He should have gone home. I don't know why hes there in the first place. I liked Kayne's outfit the best. I could see someone disco dancing in his outfit.
Posted: 10:01 pm on November 6th

mabowles mabowles writes: The designers totally missed it. If they knew their history, in the 70's our disco outfits were definitely midriff and halter. The pants were right - wide legged.
Posted: 7:42 pm on November 6th

krawz krawz writes: I actually loved Casanova's dress and, having been to Studio 54 myself in the 70's, thought it would be the winner. I could tell the judges were going to pick Uli's dress but I'm not sure what made it "disco" (except as a tribute to Cher's Half Breed days). I agree that Wendy's design wasn't as bad as Andrae's. He should have gone home after being in the bottom twice in a row. Just take the chain off Wendy's look & it was at least wearable. I thought Ivy's design looked cheap and was poorly sewn. I was shocked to see Ivy's dress in the top 3 rather than Emilio's dress - what are these judges thinking?
Posted: 6:53 pm on November 6th

Rosebud24 Rosebud24 writes: I thought that Wendy's was more interesting than Andrae's. Also Wendy's last week was really good. Yes I agree with the chain on the side of the pants were too much. But Andrae missed two weeks in a row and I did think his was worse.
I would have rather been caught dead in Wendy's than in Andrae's look. I would have like to see what Wendy came up with next, she took a diferent risk than the week before.

However my favorate was Uli's outfit the most when it came out. But I agree that many people didn't know what disco wear was all about. Uli's wasn't disco either. But I did think everyone tried to go with the shoes which was part of the challendge.

In answer to the question above no they aren't allowed any on the computer hunts or anything to look at the different eras. They aren't alowed to do anything but remember on their own. Some of the eras would be hard for me to. And I was around during the 70's. I mostly remember polyester cloth was the rage and it was hot to wear.

Posted: 4:35 pm on November 6th

user-955999 user-955999 writes: I miss Tim Gunn! There is no other like him and they need to bring him back! It's just not Project Runway without him!!! Joanna is not bad, but anyone else they put there just won't be able to replace Tim Gunn, he is The Man!

I am glad that Wendy is gone. She was bad news from the beginning and her losing outfit was awful! Uli was the winner in my book.

Posted: 4:25 pm on November 6th

divaweava divaweava writes: I thought the challenge was a good one, though few of the designers had any first hand idea what the 70's were all about. Are they given any time to research, or does a good designer already know all about styles from different eras? Having been a disco-dancing queen, I can say that Emilio and Casanova came closest, and even Wendy was more on the mark than Ivy or the winner, Uli, whose dress looked like a flapper-nod. Totally costume-y. I really don't get the judges' take on Ivy's dress. It looked like a hot mess to me, and no, we didn't wear hot pants with longer see -through chiffon skirts over them.
I hope to see more to convince me that we're watching stars here....
Posted: 4:22 pm on November 6th

Stormee Stormee writes: Well I think that he should have gone home. Wendy's only mistake was putting that chain on there. But I thought her design was good.
I am really not impressed with these "all stars" I am sorry. With the exception of Emilio Sosa, I thought his dress was beautiful. They already have their winner picked and their favorites picked also. I just like to watch to see what the designers are creating whether it is good or bad I love watching the creative process but all that other stuff (diva moments) I can do without.
Posted: 5:53 pm on November 2nd

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