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Frank P. Murphy as Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan!

Inspired by his natural widow's peak (slightly enhanced for effect), my little Chihuahua Frankie dressed as Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan this past Halloween. The coat was made with fabric from a navy blue pinstripe wool suit that I bought at Goodwill, and lined with raw red silk from Michael Levine's in downtown LA. The coat is trimed with black bias tape and has a D ring so that the coat also doubles as a harness. Frankie's shirt is a dickie I fashioned from an old white button down shirt (I replaced the buttons with velcro for easy access), and the tiny tie (also from Goodwill) snaps on the shirt. The apron was made from linen leftover from another project. The final touch is an American flag pin–also from Goodwill.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Meaghan Murphy

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DreamyDahlia DreamyDahlia writes: I'll vote for you! Wool suit, red silk...nothing but the finest for, I mean Frankie.
Posted: 6:57 pm on November 3rd

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