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Sheriff Peyton

Sheriff Woody costume
Costume Pieces
Vest back showing drawstring
Vest front w/badge
Sheriff Woody costume

Sheriff Woody costume

Photo: photo by Grandma

18 month old Peyton was Woody. This was my first venture into pattern making. I was unable to find a pattern for a shirt and vest his size. Intimidating at first but turned out well. Made shirt out of nice soft flannel and vest out of cotton. Hat was a bolo hat that I altered to look like a cowboy hat adding leather lacing around the rim and creasing the crown. To make a toddler safe badge I embroidered his badge on heavy stablizer and felt then trimmed it and sewed to vest. After adding a drawstring to the back of his vest Sheriff Woody (Peyton) was ready to keep our streets safe.

Pattern or design used: My own design

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DreamyDahlia DreamyDahlia writes: That cute little sheriff will keep his town on the straight and narrow! Great vest!
Posted: 6:54 pm on November 3rd

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