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Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine
Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

My daughter wanted to be Princess Jasmine for halloween and so I hand drafted the entire costume myself from the hair to the shoes.  I spent a lot of time searching the internet for ideas and what Jasmine's outfit looked like.  I didn't realy find anything that was appropiate for a 4 year old girl and the costume that were for little girls didn't really look like Jasmine.  Then I finally decided to make her look like her plush Jasmine doll from the disney store down.  For the hair I just made a basic hat pattern and mimicked the hair from the doll which took awhile to draft the right size for her head.  The shoes took awhile to figure out because the are just shoe covers and they go over he furlined maryjane croc shoes which are very wide.  We also live in the midwest where it's cold on Halloween so I decided to make her a princess poncho so she still looked like a princess while keeping warm

Pattern or design used: My own design

Comments (3)

nickpaul74 nickpaul74 writes: Impressive!!!
Posted: 11:35 pm on January 4th

alexwest35 alexwest35 writes: Great One
Posted: 4:51 am on December 1st

kentparks25 kentparks25 writes: Impressive!!!
Posted: 2:26 am on November 25th

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