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halloween corpse bride 2012

After making wedding gowns for 25 years, I jumped at the chance to create a corpse bridal gown for my 9 year old granddaughter. It was a challenge determining a way to create a well defined shape for a little girls body. I used crinkled tulle over 2 layers of bridal tulle, with a satin underskirt. The bodice was created by using leftover pieces of beaded bridal lace. I did a separate bodice with a separating zipper that tied onto the skirt at the sides.The entire costume was then hand dyed and painted, then ripped and shaped to get the "from the grave look". Her headpiece was created with leftover flowers and extra tulle.All that was needed was a little makeup and some blue hair coloring spray to finish the look. She was photographed on the school playground by a local newspaper and her Dad. She literally looked as if she was floating down the sidewalk during her Halloween adventure. The only one of her kind!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Kathy Tanner

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