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Young Marie Antoinette ( Too pretty to decapitate)

   This is a costume I made based on 1700's French aristocrsty. 

    I made the dress using a lightweight polyester lining with a lace overlay.  I cut out both fabrics together, then basted them around the edges to keep them together will I sewed the dress together.

    The bodice is form fitting with a low neckline. 

   The skirt is ver full and pinned up at the sides. \

   I added ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves and neckline.

    When the dress was completed , I decided to add a cascading ribbon and bow down the front of the dress using some of the lining remnants.

   The beads are just christmas bead garland , which is the cheapest way of making bead necklaces for costumes. I buy bead garlands on clearance after the holidays and save them  for costumes.

   We bought the wig at a costume store.

  This dress took  a long time to make because of the fullness of the skirt. It can be exhausting and time consuming working with such a full skirt. The end result was worth the effort though.

    We had considered using this dress for a decapitated Marie Antoinette costume, but it turned out too pretty. We didn't want to mess it up, so my daughter is portaying a young Marie prior to the French revolution.


Pattern or design used: My own design

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