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Mina Harker

Photo: Photographer: Dianna Garwood

Mina Harker costume contsructed of 15 yards of red satin and 20 yards of trim. Pleating along the bottom was all hand done and the dress was inspired by the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula.

The costume is 4 major pieces, underskirt, bustle, corset and top along with a red fan and small sunglasses. Red contacts and fangs are also part of the costume. 


Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Colleen Rodriguez

Comments (11)

Tom Ande Tom Ande writes: Excellent
Posted: 4:44 am on August 11th

Ivanhunter5505 Ivanhunter5505 writes: Good work
Posted: 4:00 am on June 22nd

Charisparker Charisparker writes: I love this
Posted: 1:10 am on January 25th

saulcook76 saulcook76 writes: Brilliant
Posted: 6:12 am on January 4th

garryBush garryBush writes: Impressive
Posted: 3:23 am on October 5th

daveabbott daveabbott writes: Mind Blowing
Posted: 11:50 pm on July 13th

gabachan gabachan writes: greattttttt
Posted: 12:41 pm on June 19th

JackTyler JackTyler writes: Love your work
Posted: 2:10 am on May 19th

BessieMurphy BessieMurphy writes: very nice.
Posted: 1:42 am on May 19th

rickyfletcher rickyfletcher writes: nice gown.
Posted: 12:35 am on May 18th

CaryMoore CaryMoore writes: Impressive!!!
Posted: 3:37 am on May 13th

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