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My daughter as Spider-man.

My daughter as Spider-man.

My 3yr old daughter loves Spider-man, so how could I say no. I had found a used Simplicity pattern of generic super heros and one was spider man. It took  2 months to sew. I could only get an hour or half an hour a day between the 3yr old  and an autistiic 6yr old. But I did it! This project was not too hard. i had to resize it and make it smaller and was a great boost to my self confidence with my sewing skills. After 6 years of not crafting, this project proved that great things can be made a half hour at a time. My daughter spent the whole  Halloween day and night wearing it. Seeing her not just made my day but my whole year.

Pixelpup Pixelpup, member
Posted on Nov 8th, 2012 in sewing, Patterns, reader's closet, halloween costume, spider man

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