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Steampunk Big Eared Bat

Bat Costume Front
Bat Costume Pieces
 Bat Mask Clasp
Bat Hat and Corset
Bat Costume Back
Bat Costume Front

Bat Costume Front

A tiny rare Rafinesqe Big Eared Bat appeared in my lower level bathroom at Caddo Lake this summer. Of course he was the inspiration for my costume. I pulled all of the brown fabrics I had and threw them on the floor to see what would work!  The corset pattern came from a copy of a 1897 French Magazine.  The center bat clasp was an embroidery pattern purchased for a mask. I used papertowel rolls, copper foil and cat eyes to Steampunk it out!  The fingerless gloves, boned cape and bat face on the hat are my original designs. Elastic held the arms in place and allowed the spines over my fingers to move. I talked with my long fingers all night. It was So Cool! I used cable ties for boning and fishing line serged all around the edges for shape. My serger is 25 years old. I so want the new one! The hat was adapted from a free pattern online. I used brass brads (office supply) and boning to accentuate the shape. 

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Bennie's Big Eared Bat Costume

Comments (2)

imeldashoequeen imeldashoequeen writes: Dolly, I do not believe these photos do your work justice.
Posted: 3:54 am on February 7th

KathyLaP KathyLaP writes: Wonderful! Clever use of materials and the bat claso on the corset is perfect.
Posted: 11:43 pm on December 29th

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