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Gift sewing for the holidays

Furoshiki gift wrapping (Threads Quick Stuff to Sew, pg. 98) is a pretty and eco-friendly way present gifts.
Transform a photo of your family pet into a keepsake pet-shaped pillow (Threads Quick Stuff to Sew, pg. 84).

Thanksgiving is next week, and you know what that means: the start of the holiday season and the search for the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. Every year, I want to sew gifts--a garment, a home decoration, or a novelty item--for at least one person on my list. But somehow, time always slips away from me, and I find myself substituting a purchased gift. This year, I am determined. I am already planning the gifts I will sew, and blocking out time to make it happen. Are you?


If you're looking for some gift sewing ideas, this website is a great place to start, or you can find a plethora of cute, fun, easy projects from other sewing and crafting websites. Try Threads' online list of patterns and projects, or pop over to for more ideas. Another of my favorite craft and sewing project sites is One Pretty Thing for its deep archive of links to sewn or crafted gift ideas for just about anyone on my list. You can also find a few great ideas on,,, or Also, Threads' annual Quick Stuff to Sew issue (on newsstands now) offers a wide variety of items that would make fantastic gifts.


And if you can fit it into your busy holiday preparation schedule, try sewing for charity. There are many local charities, as well as national and international organizations, that accept donations of home-made, sewn items. Ask at your church, at a homeless shelter, even at the local animal shelter, what home-sewn donated items are accepted.


Do you sew gifts for family and friends at the holidays? What are you sewing for your loved ones this year? Are you sewing anything for charity?


Comments (6)

sewhappy1221 sewhappy1221 writes: Silk satin pillowcases for my daughters, fleece pants for their guys. On special requests, decorator sofa pillows from a favorite fabric for sis, colorful table runner for favorite sis-in-law.
Posted: 8:08 pm on November 27th

Cherlyn Cherlyn writes: Soucieville---Ican relate to your comment! Thanks for the laugh after a long day that included a stop at a fabric store to purchase trims for my daughter who designs her own dance costumes. I did purchase her one lace piece that I couldn't resist. At least it won't be in my numerous boxes of stash!

I have made pillowcases too--they are always fun to make with someone special in mind to give the set to. I love adding trims too.

Happy sewing!

Posted: 7:27 pm on November 23rd

Soucieville Soucieville writes: Pillowcases. I am making some pretty pillowcases for family. God knows I have enough fabric.
Posted: 5:13 pm on November 21st

Southen_Yankee Southen_Yankee writes: I am planning on making a Christmas dress for my granddaughter. I am also making some doll clothes for charity.
Posted: 2:24 am on November 21st

woodencanoe woodencanoe writes: Twenty two reversible kitchen aprons of my own design created with indigenous fabric I purchased in Hawaii last year. There were enough variety in the fabric patterns that there was something individual for everyone, male and female. Used up lots of brass grommets for the over the shoulder ties. Also made smaller versions for my 3 grandchildren with matching oven mitts. The youngest one received a "Montessori" apron with velcro so he could put it on and off himself. Lots of work and lots of fun.

Posted: 7:25 pm on November 20th

copywriterMT copywriterMT writes: I try to sew a number of items as gifts every year. This Christmas, I am completing a tree skirt for my newlywed Son and his Wife, hooded 'character' bath ponchos for grandsons #4 and #5, Christmas stockings for Daughter and her husband, decorative floor pillows for another Son and family, and water bottle/drink 'quivers' for Grandchildren #1, #2, #3. And seems like I always fit in a couple of pairs of pillowcases which have come to be expected.
Posted: 6:14 pm on November 20th

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