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Pinterest for Sewing Projects

On Pinterst you can organize images into individual pin boards.
Follow other Pinterest users, and their pins automatically populate your Pinterest home page.
On Pinterst you can organize images into individual pin boards.

On Pinterst you can organize images into individual pin boards.


Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon? I admit, it took me a while to see just how useful it can be, but now I'm hooked. If you haven't explored Pinterest yet, you might be surprised. It allows you to curate collections of images or links to websites with information you want to file away for future reference.

Add the "Pin It" button to your Web browser's toolbar, and you can pin images or webpage links from any online source and organize them into specific pin boards; or upload images from your own computer. For sewers, Pinterest is a great tool for organizing sewing project ideas, technique tutorials, and inspiring garment photographs. But I find it particularly useful for gathering together images from disparate online sources (such as museums around the globe) into one quickly accessible location for garment research. The biggest benefit is that all these images and ideas are accessible from anywhere, as long as I have Internet access. I don't have to carry around thumb drives crammed with my images, and if my laptop crashes (again) my image collections won't be wiped out.

You can follow other Pinterest users and pin their images to your boards, as well. Many of the other users I follow on Pinterest create a different board for each sewing project or collections of garment images from different fashion eras. Sure, you can waste a substantial amount of time randomly scrolling through other peoples' pins. The key is to target your browsing by searching for specific pins and following only the boards that fit your interests.

Do you use Pinterest? Is it a valuable part of your design and project planning process, or do you just like to browse for inspiration?

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Comments (2)

Ceeayche Ceeayche writes: I am a Pinterest user. I find it interesting for curating the creative information web. I can add projects which are of interest to me in a convenient place to return when I have the luxury of time. I can amass inspirational images and group them according to projects. I find the spam comes in waves. I always flag it as spam and keep on moving. It is like thumbing through a Sears and Roebuck sized catalogue and clipping the juicy stuff that is I've interest.
Posted: 8:55 am on January 5th

Violet_from_Miami Violet_from_Miami writes: I joined pinterest for a while but the spam controls there are nonexistent. I was getting spammed and complained. My complaints were ignored. I read online that the people who run the site don't quite know what they are doing re spam. So I quit. I don't need to be spammed by people who are taking advantage of the website's naive owners. Sorry tale. But I'll stick with websites that treat me better regardless of what they offer.
Posted: 3:19 pm on December 16th

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