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Book Giveaway: "Hat Shop"

Photo: "Hat Shop" by Susanne Woods

Make a statement by creating your own fashionable hat with Hat Shop by Susanne Woods (StashBooks, 2012). Hats can be functional; hats can be fashionable; and hats can be the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. Why buy a hat off the rack when you can create your own unique hat? Susanne's book was featured in the "Cool Tools" section the spring 2013 issue of SewStylish magazine. For more stylish sewing ideas, check out the rest of the magazine, available in our online store!

In this book you'll find patterns for fun hats for babies, children, women, and men of all ages. Not only hats, but headbands are also included! You'll have the chance to experiment with different materials, fabric, embellishments, and small accessories, so you can create a one-of-a-kind hat of your own! Most of these hats don't need a lot of fabric to make a big impact, and can be completed in smaller chunks of time so you'll be able to start and finish them even if you have a busy schedule.

Do you or would you love to make hats and why? Leave a comment and you will be eligible to win! The deadline for your comment is February 20 - 11:59PM EST. The winner will be announced the week of February 25 and will receive a winning email. Good luck!


Comments (40)

ctdamsel ctdamsel writes: My mother used to tell me stories about all the wonderful hats she wore in the late 40's and 50's. We women should bring hats back in a BIG WAY. I will do my part with this book! :) I would like info on supplies especially.
Posted: 7:41 pm on February 7th

Carly_Sue Carly_Sue writes: I have always loved hats. They make a gal feel so classy. I would love to receive this book. I have made several summer hats but not winter felt ones.
Posted: 4:56 am on November 15th

user-1114374 user-1114374 writes:
Posted: 5:02 pm on March 12th

joannelse joannelse writes: I love wearing hats. Since I have retired on disability, my income is limited. I would love to have this book so I could make my own hats.
Posted: 8:51 pm on March 10th

Mengar Mengar writes: I'd love to be able to make my own hats because I have a large size head and lots of them just don't fit me!
Posted: 7:49 pm on February 20th

Northwoodsbirder Northwoodsbirder writes: I represent the third of four generations of hat lovers and wearers. My daughters and I still have the best of my mother's and grandmother's hats. I have made one simple cloche for one daughter and would love to know how to make more hats for her and myself!
Posted: 12:40 pm on February 20th

jamaco jamaco writes: I sew want to be able to make hats! I would love to get this book for ideas and info on how-to.
Posted: 10:22 am on February 20th

auspi auspi writes: I would love to make hats because hats say a lot about your style.
Posted: 9:09 pm on February 19th

Grandmagwen Grandmagwen writes: Winning a book on hats would be the answer to my dream. My grandmother wore hats when I was little and I did too cause I wanted to be just like her. Now 60 years later I am still wearing hats, I wear one every Sunday to church and am known as "the hat lady". I have to find most of my hats at second hand stores and they need re-made which I love. Having some professional tricks and techniques would help me so much. Thank you Threads!
Posted: 7:55 pm on February 19th

samty samty writes: I love hats! I wish there were more opportunities to wear them. I would love to win this book and expand my skills.
Posted: 1:14 pm on February 19th

DebCastle DebCastle writes: I love hats. I live in Ecuador, where the sun makes hats not only a beautiful fashion accessory, but a necessity. While there are lots of straw hats available here, I prefer to make my own hats out of cloth and other materials, because then they compliment the clothes I make, and they fit my head. I would love to have this book!!
Posted: 10:16 am on February 19th

Scottsdale458521 Scottsdale458521 writes: Creating beautiful hats that women would love to wear and enjoy is an area I have longed to get into. Creating a hat that a woman would love to wear and admire is a journey I have longed to take. It would be an avenue for me to pour my creative juices into. To become a HAT DESIGNER would mean the world to me as a crafter. It would be one more step-up in the creative arena.
Posted: 7:40 pm on February 18th

Missahope Missahope writes: Hats!! Love them! What a wonderful way to make a fashion statement!
Posted: 12:01 am on February 17th

Fripperie Fripperie writes: Ooh, millinery is a temptation... might be a fun title to have on the shelf!
Posted: 7:21 pm on February 15th

RightJam RightJam writes: We have been losing interest in the arts and I am thrilled that Threads is bringing it back. The "Hat Shop" is just another example of keeping by gone styles and skills fresh for mine and future generations. I adored the various hats worn by the ladies going to the wedding of William and Kate. The detail and colors were fascinating! I wear hats whenever I can and would love to be able to create something that will be admired and that I can pass down to my nieces. Thanks, Thread, for continuing access to the arts through wonderful detail in concept and design. (I also have the Threads and Fine Cooking archives on my home computer which I access every week!)
Posted: 2:56 pm on February 15th

jrevadiva jrevadiva writes: well this book would b a nice addition to my skills and i need it because i attempted to make caps and mittens for my 30 grandkids for christmas past and it was a total disaster half of them are still in a big plastic bag in a corner so if i win i feel they will be asking for there yearly hat thanks...
Posted: 3:22 pm on February 14th

Sambo Sambo writes: I would love to know how to make hats and to make then very personalized for the person who will wear it.
Posted: 8:21 pm on February 12th

sootfoot5 sootfoot5 writes: OH OH OH PICK ME PICK ME!!! (jumping up and down with hand in the air like Donkey on Shrek) I do love hats!
Posted: 6:08 pm on February 12th

Cate6 Cate6 writes: As an avid "Mad Hatter", I am looking forward to incorporating some of her ideas in my hats. I have a fashion design background but was never offered any millinery classes thru my formal training. I took several classes on my own where I could locate them. I have a wide selection of hats, many vintage that I wear often. I wanted to be a milliner and would love to get back to my "Passion for Hats"!!

Posted: 5:00 pm on February 12th

StitchesByJeni StitchesByJeni writes: I am a costume designer and would love to expand my knowledge to include hat making. Crossing my fingers.
Posted: 10:06 am on February 12th

dpaulkhayes dpaulkhayes writes: I've always wanted to learn more about hats and fascinators! Keeping my fingers crossed!
Posted: 11:37 pm on February 11th

Rfm1610 Rfm1610 writes: fascinated by the craftsmanship of hats

Posted: 10:41 pm on February 10th

user-1050845 user-1050845 writes: I have a hat collection that I display in my living room. I am quite fond of them and I've actually just bought some supplies to try making my own hats. Some guidance and insipration would be great :)
Posted: 11:34 am on February 10th

marieteresa marieteresa writes: The book looks wonderful, its something I have always wanted to try, best wishes marieteresa
Posted: 9:04 am on February 10th

Lindsaybeam Lindsaybeam writes: I've been researching hat-making books recently, but had not come across this one. I love to sew both apparel and accessories, and am ready to make the foray into the world of hats! Especially since my taste can be eccentric and my head rather large, so creating my own seems just the trick :)
Posted: 7:56 am on February 10th

GeoaDesigns GeoaDesigns writes: I love making hats!
Posted: 2:06 pm on February 9th

LinLohLan LinLohLan writes: I'm full of ideas and need technical guidance. I was only 8 years old when my mother took a French Millinery class at the YWCA. She made her own hats from dampened buckram and I have her balsa hat block. She died when I was in college, but the idea of making hats has stuck with me because she and I needed larger sized hats than what we could find in stores. My totally from scratch experience is limited to forming and wiring buckram for my Matron of Honor's veiled band hat for my wedding. For a number of years, I have been purchasing hat blanks (straw and felt) and embellish them. My goal in 2013 is to purchase yardage of sinamay and have some fun building from flat yardage to a finished hat.
Posted: 4:51 pm on February 8th

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: I've tried in the past, but could use a guide. This book would be a wonderful creative sherpa.
Posted: 10:49 am on February 8th

rakijaa rakijaa writes: I have been making hats from flat patterns, and doing it all by hand. It is fun and challenging. I still consider myself a beginner to millinery; a new book with patterns and techniques would be great!
Posted: 9:15 am on February 8th

saschapup saschapup writes: I've never made one yet, but my sewing guild's challenge for this year is to make some type of hat, so this book would be perfect!
Posted: 5:56 pm on February 7th

MegY MegY writes: I would be thrilled to win a book on hat construction. Accessories on a woman are in my opinion, the key to defining her style. I do know that serious hat construction has an entirely foreign vocabulary - fascinators, plunger blocks ? Just the word millinery is a curiosity. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to learn more!
Posted: 9:37 am on February 6th

SEGnesa SEGnesa writes: My grandmother was a milliner. I never learned the art of hat making from her, to my great regret. Maybe now is the time (I am 66 and a grandmother myself).
Posted: 9:03 pm on February 5th

lauralucan lauralucan writes: I've never made a hat but I would like to learn.
Posted: 9:53 am on February 5th

weeroo weeroo writes: Hats can be fun, I started my sewing career sewing denim hats and pathcing blue jeans in the 70's. Lots of ideas for fun hats to do again, can't wait to see this book.

Posted: 2:20 pm on February 3rd

BelleBeryl BelleBeryl writes: one more hobby might as well make a pretty hat , a hat that says it all....
Posted: 1:22 pm on February 1st

Ln2 Ln2 writes: I made my first hat last week. I have been sewing for 50 years and I cannot believe it took me this long to do it! I'm hooked!
Posted: 10:52 am on February 1st

violetDC violetDC writes: I've never made a hat, but have been interested in it. But not knowing where to start, I think this book would be the right place to start.

Posted: 9:50 pm on January 31st

LoSok27 LoSok27 writes: I would absolutely love to make a bride's hat! I wore a picture hat with a veil and blusher attached many many years ago - would love to make a beautiful modern hat for today's bride!
Posted: 8:07 pm on January 31st

SewMyDreams SewMyDreams writes: Oh this looks wonderful. I just purchased a pattern to make a women's hat and I'm clueless as where to begin especially as to what I will use to stiffen the brim...I don't like using buckram...any one have any suggestions for stiffeners? Maybe this book will help...
Posted: 5:15 pm on January 31st

misssarcastica misssarcastica writes: I've only ever made one hat, but would love to make lots more!
Posted: 9:52 am on January 31st

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