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Princess Line Dress

Princess Line Dress - fan pattern
Princess Line Dress - the first I made from this pattern
Princess Line Dress - fan pattern

Princess Line Dress - fan pattern

The 'Fan Dress' is my favourite outfit at the moment. It is a simple Princess line which suits my shape and is easy to sew. The fabric is quiting cotton which is my favourite to sew and wear: stable and perfect weight. I've adapted this pattern many times now to make other dresses.

The blue dress was the first I made with this pattern. I made it with quite a bit of ease that I later decided was too much. This blue dress has quite a bit of flair in the skirt but for the Fan Dress I made the skirt more slim line.

The pattern has these cute little pockets in the side front seams with an optional flap that you can probably see more easily in the blue dress. 

Pattern or design used: Simplicity 3744

Comments (2)

RStaff49 RStaff49 writes: Yes, it is very pretty! You have done great work in fitting yourself.
Posted: 4:07 am on January 30th

CAMFDRN CAMFDRN writes: Very pretty, Julie. I really like the flair in the blue dress. It is very flattering for you.
Posted: 10:06 am on January 9th

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