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Add Zipper-Pull Tassels to a Portfolio Clutch Bag

Here are the materials youll need.
Cut four pieces of chain double the desired finished length.
Find the center of each length of chain and slip one small jump ring through the central links on two chain sections. Attach the two remaining chain sections onto the second small jump ring in the same way. Close both jump rings securely.
Here are the materials youll need.

Here are the materials you'll need.

In the Spring 2013 issue of SewStylish, handbag-making expert Gilbert Muniz showed how to make a portfolio-sized clutch with two exterior zippered pockets and a zippered main compartment with an interior pocket. The bag requires three zippers, which offer an opportunity for embellishment. For the article, Gilbert decorated all three zipper pulls with gold chain tassels for a fringe-like effect. We'll also show you how to make tassels from faux or real suede or leather.

Chain Tassel
All you need to make a chain tassel is a few basic jewelry making supplies. Simply clip the tassel onto the hole in your zipper's pull tab.

Supplies (makes one chain tassel):

  • 1 jewelry bead cap
  • Jewelry chain, in desired gauge and length (amount depends on the fullness of the tassel desired; for a full tassel use more, for a skinnier tassel, use less)
  • 2 small jump rings
  • 1 3-inch jewelry eye pin
  • 1 medium or large jump ring
  • 1 medium-sized jewelry claw clasp
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Jewelry wire cutters

 Materials for Chain Tassel

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