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Add Zipper-Pull Tassels to a Portfolio Clutch Bag

Here are the materials youll need.
Cut four pieces of chain double the desired finished length.
Find the center of each length of chain and slip one small jump ring through the central links on two chain sections. Attach the two remaining chain sections onto the second small jump ring in the same way. Close both jump rings securely.
Here are the materials youll need.

Here are the materials you'll need.

7. Wrap the excess wire around the remaining 1/8-inch-long stem above the bead cap. Snip off any leftover wire as close to the wrapped stem as possible. Tuck in any loose wire end with chain nose pliers.

8. To attach the tassel to the zipper pull, open the medium or large jump ring slightly. Slip it onto the tassels' loop and then onto the bottom opening of the claw clasp. Close the jump ring securely. 

Chain Tassel Step 8

9. Clip the clasp onto the zipper pull's hole. 

Chain Tassel Step 9

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SLMiller Stephani Miller, associate editor
Posted on Jan 24th, 2013 in sewing, online extras, embellishments

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