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Add Zipper-Pull Tassels to a Portfolio Clutch Bag

Here are the materials youll need.
Cut four pieces of chain double the desired finished length.
Find the center of each length of chain and slip one small jump ring through the central links on two chain sections. Attach the two remaining chain sections onto the second small jump ring in the same way. Close both jump rings securely.
Here are the materials youll need.

Here are the materials you'll need.

Faux-Suede Tassel
You can also make zipper-pull tassels from faux suede or leather (or the real stuff, if you prefer). If you make tassels from a faux suede/leather, make sure to choose a material that has two good suede/leather-like sides.


1. Cut a piece of faux suede or leather 1/2 inch wide and double the desired length of the tassel. 

Suede Tassel Step 1

2. Cut the ends to a sharp angle and thread the strip through the hole on the zipper pull. Match the raw ends to make the tassel even. 

Suede Tassel Step 2

3. Slit the strips as many times as you can (my maximum was four times) to within 1/4 inch of the zipper pull. 

Suede Tassel Step 3

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