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Project Runway Season 11: Episode 1 "There is No I in Team"

Tim mentors a new group of designers on Project Runways eleventh season, the Teams Edition.
Daniel Esquivels final design.
Team Keeping It Real.
Patricia Michaels final design.
Team Keeping It Real.
Tim mentors a new group of designers on Project Runways eleventh season, the Teams Edition.

Tim mentors a new group of designers on Project Runway's eleventh season, the Teams Edition.


Project Runway is back, with a much-talked about twist.

If you haven't heard about it, the entire season is going to be team challenges. On every episode, the winning designer will be chosen from the winning team, and the losing designer will be selected from the losing team. 

Right off the bat, Heidi divided the 16 challengers into two teams. For the first challenge, the teams had New York City as their inspiration. One team worked on NY as seen from above (the roof of the Atlas apartments) while the other team saw the city from a day-cruise boat.

The team format is going to change the show dynamic. There's sure to be frustration, drama, collaboration, tears, and lots of snarky comments.

The featured judge was Zac Posen, and the guest judge was Season 4 Project Runway winner Christian Siriano.

I'd just like to add that one of the Project Runway models for this season was formerly featured in our SewStylish magazine! She's working with designer Patricia Michaels, who finished in the top three this episode.


The winning team: Team Keeping It Real (New York from above)

Overall winner: Daniel Esquivel

Daniel Esquivel's design.


Top three finish: Patricia Michaels

Patricia Michaels' design.


Top three finish: Richard Hallmarq

Richard Hallmarq's final design.


Amanda Valentine's design:

Amanda Valentine's final design.



Kate Pankoke's design:

Kate Pankoke's final design.


Layana Aguilar's design:

Layana Aguilar's final design.


Stanley Hudson's design:

Stanley Hudson's final design.


Joseph Aaron Segal's design:

Joseph Aaron Segal's final design.


The losing team: Dream Team (New York from the sea)


Benjamin Mach's design:

Benjamin Mach's final design.


Samantha Black's design:

Samantha Black's design


Tu Nakchat's design:

Tu Nakchat's final design


Mat Arthur's design:

Mat Arthur's final design.


Michelle Lesniak Franklin's design:

Michelle Lesniak Franklin's final design



Bottom three finish: James Martinez's design: 

James Martinez's final design.


Bottom three finish: Cindy Marlatt's design:

Cindy Marlatt's final design


The losing design by Emily Pollard:

Emily Pollard's final design




What a finish! What did you think?

Do you feel sorry for Emily - or not? She's going to be known for the worst Project Runway outfit for the rest of her life!

What was your favorite garment?

Who are you set to root for? There were a few stealth designers, like that Joseph Aaron, or Tu, who barely appeared in the episode, but may be very interesting. 

Are you excited about the Team format? I haven't seen enough yet to be sure! I think this is going to be a great season, though, just based on the interesting mix of designers the producers have selected. I think that this season has the most international cast and the widest range of ages of any Project Runway season so far. I can't wait to see what happens next.






Comments (2)

Cherlyn Cherlyn writes: I didn't feel sorry fo Emily. I think she wantedto do more than she could deliver. She will live it down in time. All is forgotten after awhile.
I loved Patricia's dress although I couldn't really see the blue. I think she is interesting. I don't care for Dniel's design. I don't think it's allthat original. Another black outfit with fluff around the waist. Big deal! And why all the rave about Richard's dress---it was ugly!
I do like the team format. They have to get along. You see who has great leadership skills this way along with design talent.

Posted: 11:20 pm on February 1st

hazelspi hazelspi writes: I don't feel sorry for Emily. A beginning teenager could have made something more decent than that. Although Cindy Marlatt ended up in the bottom this time, I'm looking forward to seeing what she's really capable of doing. I was not in favor of team episodes but I think this one might be interesting...I'll continue to watch.

Posted: 7:10 am on January 29th

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