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1890's walking suit of fine Pendelton wool

this is an 1890's walking suit, the pale green check and the perwinkle trim are a very fine Pendelton wool.  I made the skirt from fine wale cotton corduroy.  the trim on the front of the overskirt and at the back of the jacket waist were beaded pieces from a vintage garment.  I digitized scroll work similar to the beaded pieces to embroidery on the jacket.

all of the undergarments had embroidery created just for them too in white on white embroidered pieces.

Pattern or design used: vintage patterns too old to remember where I got them.

Comments (2)

user-5430734 user-5430734 writes: Gorgeous! I love these period clothes.

Posted: 3:19 pm on February 15th

jamaco jamaco writes: Simply stunning! I love the look of this era, but I know I would never feel comfortable wearing the styles. I make doll clothes for my AG doll instead. She never complains about them! - Janet
Posted: 11:40 am on February 13th

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