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Video: How to Sew a French Seam

Video Length: 00:51
Produced by: Evamarie Gomez

Threads author Sandra Miller shares her simple techniques for sewing common seam finishes in Threads issue 165 (February/March 2013) and in issue 166 (April/May 2013). In this quick video-tutorial, we bring one of her techniques to life and demonstrate how to sew a French seam. French seams work best on sheer, lightweight fabrics. The narrower you make them, the more professional they look.

Also, don't miss Sandra's techniques for sewing other common seam finishes.

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Comments (3)

Linda74Sews Linda74Sews writes: French seams are a favorite seam finish for me, especially with all the beautiful sheer fabrics that are in vogue these days. Your tutorial is easy to follow and instructive.
Posted: 12:53 pm on April 4th

motherofsons motherofsons writes: I really like the VERY short length. A lot of times I'm just checking something and all I want is a brief glimpse. These are also long enough that you could use them to supplement a text description in another source.
Posted: 10:51 pm on March 26th

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: Eva,

Great step-by-step how-to!

Please keep these "video shorts" coming our way, and don't shy away from more full-length features (showcasing your contributing editors and, of course, the Taunton Press Players).
Posted: 10:44 am on March 7th

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